Mental & Physical Training for Airsoft – Be a Better Player

How to Improve Airsoft Skills

Are you and your friends involved in an airsoft campaign and you feel like you’re just not up to par? Have you been consistently getting trash-talked and always on the losing end of your games every time you play?Improving Airsoft Skills & StrategyAirsoft isn’t an easy game to play. It involves a lot of different … Read more

Airsoft Essentials: Complete Gear Requirements

Essential & Required Airsoft Gear and Equipment

While it can be a ton of fun to shoot your friends in your backyard, you’re going to need a little bit more than some half-cocked safety goggles and a spring gun if you want to play an official airsoft game. So, what’s included in an official airsoft gear? In this guide, we’ve compiled the essential list … Read more

The Mechanics of Airsoft Guns: Gas, Electric and Spring

The Mechanics of Airsoft Guns: Gas, Electric and Spring

Airsoft seems to have no limit to the growth of its player base. Whether you’re into the ever-popular MilSim games or the growing base of users who like to play speed soft, there’s one thing in common: airsoft guns. Whether you need to field strip and clear a jam during a game or you just want to … Read more

Complete Guide on Airsoft Gun & Gear Maintenance

Comprehensive Guide on Airsoft Gun & Gear Maintenance

Airsoft isn’t cheap. In fact, though you can find poor quality options for under $100, guns can often extend into thousands of dollars. And that’s before you start buying the masks, combat boots, tactical gear, extra BBs, spare gas, batteries (for AEGs) and paying for venues. The costs can stack up pretty quickly, even more if you … Read more

Airsoft for Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide

Airsoft for Beginners A Comprehensive Guide

Airsoft is a $313 million dollar industry. It’s a game that was invented in Japan in the 1980’s, making it even older than paintball. Airsoft guns can be used for target shooting, in organized outdoor and indoor games as well as unorganized games between friends and enthusiasts. If you’re new to airsoft activities, there are a … Read more