Best Air Rifle Scope-2018 Reviews

Shopping for the Best  Air Rifle Scope can be a daunting task especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. Air rifles are fun to use and can shoot from long ranges when you have a powerful weapon.

One of the biggest issues with aftermarket scopes is compatibility. People often buy the scopes because they have read the stellar specs without researching whether or not  it will be compatible with the rifle.

There is a lot of confusing information out there and we have prepared this guide so that you can have an informed purchasing judgement at end of it all.

There are a couple of different calibres in the market each with their own specs and unique selling point.

We have researched and come up  with possibly the best 10 air rifle scopes, all factors considered. We have also included a buyer’s guide so that you know what to look for in the best air rifle scope given your needs and requirements.

A good rifle is all about the accessories and one of the most important one is the scope. Sometimes the factory unit is not enough to do the work and thus why you you’ll need an upgrade.

Top 10-Best Air Rifle Scope

  1. UTG Mil-Dot Airgun Scope

UTG is a big name in the weapons industry and are known for  quality products and their Airgun scope is no exception.

This unit has 4x magnification scope which allows you to narrow down on a target and shooting from a great distance.

There is a built-in angle sun shade and a mil-dot retile which enables the user to adjust the shots for windage and height with frightening precision.

Some of the Specs of this Airgun Scope Include:

  • 4x magnification
  • 32-mm angled lens
  • inch tube diameter
  • 310-mm overall length
  • 1 ounces overall weight
  • 32-feet field of view
  • 4-inches eye relief
  • 8-mm exit pupil
  • 1/4-inch click value
  • Mil-dot reticle
  • 35-yards parallax setting
  • Sapphire lens coating

One of the greatest advantage of this unit is the fact that it does not get in the way of the rifle’s original design as it recoils perfectly. Buyers are also delighted with just how light the scope is which is ideal for field combat situations.

The parallax adjustments come in handy when you are shooting from short distances or you in a limited space area.

The only major drawback according to some users is the tight eye-box which does not provide any sort of relief distance for the eye. Other than that, this is one of the best air rifle you will get in the market today.

2.Hammers 3-9x32AO Air Rifle Scope with One-Piece Mount

This product is a best seller and has received amazing reviews from buyers. It is a one piece mount and comes with 3 clamping screws included. The solid one piece mount that is included ensures that it fits in most kinds of air rifles.

There is also a built-in stop pin which makes sure than the scope is firmly held in place. The variable scope gives 3x magnification which can be tripled with a 32 mm objective lens.

The Mil-dot provides great vision even in dark places. It has been reinforced internally to ensure it withstands the unique shocking from the piston type high power air rifle.

The anodized black matte finish gives it an exquisite look and ensures durability. The Hammer is without doubt one of the best air rifle scope.

3.BARSKA 3-12×40 AO Airgun, Black Matte, Mil-Dot

This scope has a two way recoil system which is not common among products in the same vertical.

It is ideal for rainy/cold weather because the 40mm objective lens is waterproof. You get 3x to 9x power and there is no reduction in clarity over 9x.

The adjustable objective makes it possible to bring the target into clear focus while eliminating the parallax from over 10 yards.

The fully coated optics and 1 tube construction ensures for maximum durability and you are not worried about replacing your scope for a very long time.

4.UTG 3-9X40 1″ Hunter Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, w/ Rings

This unit is nitrogen filled  and totally sealed so as to ensure it is rainproof, shock proof and fog proof.

The wind and elevation adjustments are consistent to provide stability while shooting. There is more clarity with the lens compared to other scopes since they are emerald coated which provides enhanced visibility.

There is a 40 mm OA for optimal aiming and shooting performance with a parallax  adjustable from 5 yards to infinity.

The Mil-dot rectile is also class leading and lines up the target nicely. The dots are small which can provide a vision challenge especially in dark backgrounds. There is a 9x variable power which is more than enough for a sniper shooter.

  1. Winchester by daisy air rifle scope

This unit is made by Daisy Outdoor products who are also in the business of manufacturing air rifles so you can be assured the product is of high quality.

This unit is also fully adjustable for both elevation and wind. The fog proof and shock resistance makes it easier to shoot in rough terrains. There is a mounting hardware included in case your rifle does not have the necessary rails to support the scope.

You get a full adjustable 32mm objective which can go up to 15 feet. The adjustable knobs are conveniently located and can easily be turned with the fingers. The unit has duplex style crosshairs design.

  1. Crosman Centerpoint Airgun scope 

What makes this unit one of the best air rifle scope is  the fact that it can be used on both airgun and firearms. This means you are getting the real deal. The scope range is between 4x-16 which is ideal for different  shooting range.

The lens are multi-coated in order to protect them from the elements such rain, dust and snow.

You get  parallax-free image as a result of the adjustable objectives and you don’t have to change impact point all the while.

This essentially means the scope will adjust itself as required in line with the target in focus without distance being an impediment.

You also get illuminated dual rectiles which provides clear images regardless whether the target is stationary or moving.

  1. Cvlife 3-9×40 sniper hunting air rifle scope

Unlike most conventional rifle scopes, this one comes with crosshairs as opposed to a front sight and a gap. It has 3x-9 Magnification which is decent power for shooters.

The Mil-dot increases the accuracy of shooting which makes it ideal for long range target practice.

The scope comes with a focus dial which can be found at the edge of the scope. You can control the illumination with the 5  brightness settings available depending on the target scope and your shooting requirements. Elevation and wind can always be adjusted just like in most aftermarket scopes.

  1. Utg 4×32 ts Full Size mil-dot air rifle scope

You don’t have to worry about finding the correct settings with this air rifle scope as it comes preset at 35yards.

The manual is very explicit with the instructions and you should get almost 100% accuracy when the scope is mounted on the rifle. You will have to make manual adjustments for elevation and wind.

You get 4x Magnification scope power and the adjustable turrets are at 1/4 MOA per click. You get 2 basic dovetail scope rings which can always be upgraded if you want a weaver style rail.

  1. Winchester 809 4 x 32 scope

This is another product from Daisy whose value offering can compete with the best air rifle scope in the market currently. This scope is not only used on air rifles but is also used on actual firearms.

Just like most daisy scopes, this too comes with its own mounting hardware which means you don’t have to spend on extra accessories for modifications.

The x4 scope power shouldn’t be a deal breaker because you can narrow down on targets easily because of the crosshair styled rectile.

10. CVLIFE Tactical 3-9×40 Optics R4 Reticle Crosshair Air Sniper Hunting Rifle Scope

This has to be one of the cheapest scope on the list and you can get it for under  30 bucks. It also comes with free mounts which is not always the case with scopes.

It can mount well on both the weaver or picatinny system which makes it a versatile scope that can be used on different rifles.

You can get up 9x Magnification scope which makes it easy to focus on far away targets. You get a 40mm objective lens but the only downside it is not adjustable. You still should be able to use it effectively. The scope is fog proof, waterproof and shockproof. Having all these features and still be cheap makes this unit one of the best air rifle scope.

Best Air Rifle Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the correct rifle scope is essential and should be the number one priority on your list.

Gun Calibre

The first thing you should be looking at is your gun calibre. Pellet guns or air rifles use pellet bullets instead of the conventional rifle bullets.

Gun calibres have different shooting range and that is why you need a specific scope for your rifle. .177 is the most common shooting calibre and is accepted both in the US and internationally.

.22 calibre is ideal for hunting but is often more expensive. If you are using it for hunting then prey like gophers and jackrabbits would be perfect.


Kickbacks are common with air rifles. The first one happens when the bullet is released and the second when the bullets hits the end of the chamber. Such collusions usually result to damages to scope if they are not mitigated.

It is always recommended to look for scopes with lockable adjustment turrets, rubber shock-proofed and spring loaded. The air rifle scope should have at least one or two of the mentioned features.

AO Endpieces

AO stands for adjustable objective. The OA compensates for the parallax at close range. You can find these kind of features in both variable and fixed scopes.

Fixed Vs Adjustable Lens scope

The two kinds of scopes are suited for different situations. Adjustable lens scope is more suited for close up shooting while the fixed lens is more tailored for target practice.  Fixed scopes tend to be more durable than the adjustable one.


What you choose as the best air rifle scope will ultimately boil down to your needs as a shooter. There are a lot of factors you should be looking at before you settle on any given scope. This review is meant to help you make an informed decision when looking for the best air rifle scope.

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