Best Airsoft BBS- Buyer’s Guide And Reviews 2018

Choosing the best airsoft BBS essential if you are to be competitive regardless of the vertical.  There is also the question on which ammo you should go for. You can choose from the 0.28g, 0.25g, and 0.20g. Whether you are just starting out or you have been at it for a while, we have covered everything you need to know it in order to make the right decision.

Best Airsoft BBs

  1. Crosman Field Hunting .177 Cal, 7.4 Grains, Pointed, 1250ct

The air gun pallets with the caliber of 177 are ideal for the longest shots while hunting. There are total 1250 pellets per carton and you can get it for cheap. Those who wish to hit long distance targets while hunting into the river or forest could avail this product at best offers from the online market. Its total weight per piece is 7.4 grains and it is suitable for the standard models of air gun. The suitable pellets are available at a nominal price for great hunting and plinking experience. It is definitely one of the best one of the Best airsoft BBS in the market at the moment.

The quantity in each carton is sufficient as per the cost. You can use them for short distant accurate shooting purposes. For long distance, it may not be the ideal product, but yes, its pinpoint accuracy is great in comparison to its other competitive brands. Crosman field hunting pallets are known for its perfect shots and a maximum stretch of distance.

  1. Crosman ASP512 AirSoft BBs (5000 .12G 6mm, Red BBs)

This is the airsoft BBS ammunition pallets which are translucent red in color and is made up of hard plastic. The approximate caliber of the pallets is 6mm per 0.12 gram. The total quantity per plastic container is 5000 pieces. It is a seamless airsoft BBs which will work in all standard airguns which are based on 6mm caliber. It also works with a P311 pistol, so before you buy this BBs from the online market make sure you have read the reviews. However, this is not an ideal airsoft BBs for Krytac LVOA. They are technically operational, but it may come out of the barrel by ruining the gun forever because of the difference in the gun gearbox and airsoft BBs. These are low-quality BBs and not meant for high range premium airguns. Hence, the material by which these Crosman ASP512 airsoft BBs are made is non-biodegradable. The final cost of the respective BBs is $ 11.99.

  1. BBTac 1000 Bag .12g 6mm BBs for Airsoft Guns

BBTac is a hard plastic airgun pallet that comes in multiple colors and has a range of 6mm while its actual gross weight is .12 gram. Any airgun under the 6mm ammunition technology could hold the BBTac BBs and even applicable for co2 pistols. In the online market, it is usually preferred for the kids who own an airgun between the age group of 12 to 16. The hard plastic is not suitable for children below 12 and it should be kept out of reach. In one bag of BBs, there are 1000 pieces each has a weight of .12gram; thus, available colors with the online dealer are- blue, yellow, orange and white. This is the ideal 6mm airgun pallets that have an average distance to cover the range. This product emits a harmful chemical which is not suitable for pregnant ladies or people suffering from breathing disorders. The actual price at the online sources of the 1000 pieces bag is $4.99.

  1. Crosman Destroyer Pellets, .177 caliber, 4.5mm, 250ct

Crosman destroyer pallets are designed to deliver the caliber of .177 and it has a dished rim. These are 7.9-grain pointed pellets suitable for maximum energy transfers and big scale hunting purposes. People who are into the revolutionary hunting scenario must go for this set of pellets that results in complete expansion and full energy execution. In one package there are 250 counts. Therefore, pellets are made up of lead and quite devastating that if in case it hits a soft tissue oriented animal then god knows how many tissues it will damage at once and expand the wound area.

This is a heavier version of hunting pellets and also suitable for 1200 FPS rifle which will allow the maximum distance travel of 1000FPS. These pellets have the ability to expand and spread out wider than the .177 diameter once it enters the target. In the Umarex colt commander steel airgun it is necessary to place the pellets one at a time in the head of the gun barrel.

  1. Crosman Copperhead 6000 Copper Coated BBs Cal. 4.5mm in a Bottle

Crosman copperhead 6000 copper coated BBs are available at the online source in the range of $8.99 to $50. These are the BBs that are made with the highest quality elements. Its quality, as well as performance, is already tested by the experts. The extreme ammunition caliber of the BBs is .177 and the weight of each BB is 5.28 grains. This comes in a small size bottle whose measurement is 7 inches in height and 3 inches in diameter. It is an easy to pour bottle shape in which you need to make a cut with the help of a knife to open the pellets main cap. There is a replaceable cap given which can be placed back after pouring a number of BBs in the gun safely. The total number of pieces available in one container bottle is 6000 and it can be used in high-quality hunting airguns.

  1. Crosman 20GPW5J Match Grade BBS, White, 6.0mm

Crosman BBs are very popular around the world but these are only shipped in the continents of US only. The Crosman match grade precision airsoft BBs are of .20 grams weight each and in one container there are 5000 counts. The BBs are available in the plastic bottle container with a wide open lid and it’s only white in color. The double polished BBs are useful to have during a marathon target practice sessions. The heavier weight of each pellet is given to provide a greater impact, good coverage into the target area and improve the accuracy. The diameter of each BB is 6mm and its extreme caliber is 0.24. Those who have 395 FPS co2 pistol which is made by Crosman can use these BBs safely. The current price range of this product at the online market is $9.99. The range and distance of higher quality airguns do not accept these lightweight pellets. They are only suitable for standard airguns which have the diameter of 6mm only.

  1. Crosman 10000 Count Airsoft Ammo .12g

Crosman 10000 count airsoft ammo presents .12 gram weight BBs which is capable to target small distant targets. The currently available color of the pellets is Camo and its size and consistent shape are designed for standard size airsoft guns. Those who are looking for affordable and valuable BBs for their 6mm diameter airguns should opt for this product. The current cost of the product is $12.49 at the online platform market which is very nominal for 10000 pieces. They are not very high-quality polished BBs, but suitable for the 6mm compatible airgun and pistols. This will not break down inside the gun after clicking the trigger. It is smooth in finish and recommended for training purposes. This is ideal for small hunting and shooting purposes only, which is also not suitable for underage children below 12 years.  Do not use them in wrong airgun or any other high range pistols because the pellet may break down inside due to wrong size and weight.


  1. Elite Force AirSoft BIO BBs

Elite force airsoft Bio BBs are made to fit 6mm diameter. It is fully biodegradable BBs and polished with high-grade components. In one pack of the bottle you get 2700 rounds, it is a good option for snipers and high FPS airguns. The weight of each pellet is .32 grams which are ideal for all type of co2 pistols and 6mm diameter guns. In many airsoft facilities as well as competitive fields in the US territory the use of biodegradable BBs is becoming significant. They do not harm the health of pregnant women and children. Elite force product offers a complete new formulated airsoft Bio featured BBs which breaks down in the span of 180 days. The available ammunition by elite force BIP BBs in 0.20grain, .25 grains, .28 grains and .32 grains packed in a secured sealed bottle. The current price of the 2700 pack bottle is $19.85 and it is shipped to the US only.

  1. The Crosman Airsoft presents plastic material BBs

The average weight is 0.20 grams each for 5000 counts bag is available.  This is the ideal BBs for marathon practice target sessions. For greater impact and extreme accuracy, you should opt for this particular brand airsoft BBs. The 6mm diameter is ideal for co2 pistols, low range airguns, and gas powered airguns. The cost of each bag may vary according to the weight and number of counts. Average price starts from $12.00 to $ 129.00.

This is a non-biodegradable product that does not dissolve or could be recycled. Moreover, they are seamless in feature and offer a long distance target achievements. They do expand a bit when out from the airgun nozzle but do not tear deep into the target. It can be used on paper targets or boards for practice.

  1. Umarex Precision Steel BBs .177 Caliber- 1500 Count

Umarex precision steel is a perfect combination of quality and performance. These are .177 caliber oriented steel BBs. The smooth steel finishing of the BBs is long-lasting and safe against the corrosion issues. Its uniform size, as well as weight, promotes accurate shots. It is known for higher velocities that help in offering less jamming and longer distance shooting experience. Those who are looking for thrilling experience with their air gun must take this product into consideration.

It has a higher penetration and maximum impact that is why it is recommended for long distance shooting and hunting sessions. For stress-free shooting, people are using these steel BBs and recommending to others. The total cost for 1500 counts is $9.83 that is a nominal range for such high-quality pellets. Do not use these BBs with a low-quality airgun in front of children or do not keep the bottle open, they are non-biodegradable and unsafe for the environment.

Best Biodegradable Airsoft BBS

Usually, airsoft BBs are made up non-biodegradable components. Since the demand for high quality best biodegradable airsoft BBS elevated in the market, it becomes a prominent priority of almost every renowned manufacturer. The BIO featured BBs are specially made up of a unique blend of materials that are designed in such a manner that once out from the trigger they break down and when exposed to the composting environment, it will dissolve within the span of 180 days maximum. The cost of biodegradable airsoft BBs is nominal starting from $10 for at least 2500 counts. This is a good option for kids and amateur learners who are below the age of 12 and need to learn shooting and hunting for future purposes.

  1. G&G .20G BIO BBS 5000 BAG WHITE

G&G is a biodegradable BBs airsoft gun pellets which are designed for eco-friendly airgun games and hunting purposes. This is a compact 5009 white color counts bag which is worth $ 21.95. This is a product that is designed for 6mm caliber airguns and suitable for shooting medium distance targets. Mostly airguns with the range of 6mm diameter only compatible with 0.20-gram weight pellet. The quality of the G&G BBs is supreme and recommended for training marathon sessions. They are seamless, made of plastic that could not break down in the airgun if it is compatible. Some co2 pistols are also compatible with the product, before using see the product description or contact its dealer first. The specialty of the biodegradable BBs is that they dissolve in the mud or ground after 180 days without using any external forces or treatments. The compost environment is necessary for dissolving the biodegradable pellets.

  1. Elite Force Bulk Special Biodegradable 0.25g 15,000 BBs

Elite force bulk special biodegradable BBs are a huge hit in the online market. They are packed in the plastic bottle with a small cap on the top that is quite easy to use in comparison to the reseal packets. This is a bulk package that is worth $ 72.99 for 15,000 BBs. The dimension of each pellet is 5.98mm and the gross weight of each .25 gram. It is designed for electric guns, gas guns and high power spring guns.

The use of biodegradable BBs is becoming popular because of its environmentally friendly approach. The non-biodegradable pellets were supposed to be collected in the trash bin after they break down on the ground. They could not dissolve and very harmful to the environment. In the US, demand for biodegradable BBs became significant because they are safer, introduce no harm to the health of kids and easily compost in the mud after certain 180 days or below.

  1. ThunderBBs Airsoft BBs 0.12, 0.20, 0.25, 0.30, 0.36, 0.38G, competition grade

The thunder BBs airsoft BBs are available in different weights such as 0.12 g, 0.20, 0.25, 0.30, 0.36 and 0.38 grams. They are providing the maximum precision and super slick with the double polished body. Each pallet is compatible with the 6mm diameter Airgun. The possibility for jamming is very less in heavyweight BBs of this brand. The airguns which are compatible with these set of pellets is gas powered airsoft guns.  The price for each pack of 5000 counts is $6.00 to $8.00.

The quantity of BBs differ according to the weight of the pellets-

0.12, 0.20gram BBs- 5000 rounds

0.25 gram BBs- 4000 rounds

0.30, 0.36 and 0.38 gram BBs – 3000 rounds

For security drives, the gun user should wear round side covered eye gear with the protector on the head. There should not be any children around the shooting area as the hard plastic material of the pellets may tear the tissue if hit by chance, unfortunately.

                                  Best cheap Airsoft BBS

The best cheap airsoft BBS comes with the unique range of colors and extreme precision quality. The standard size of the cheap yet best quality airsoft BBS pellets is 0.20 grams. The diameter used by the BBs of this quality is 6mm usually. The medium range for each bag of 1000 to 2000 counts is $5.99 to $8.99. They are providing the caliber of .24 grains and usually suitable for standard size airguns only. Some of the co2 pistol brands could support the cheaper cost BBs, but it is recommended to check the description before purchasing. However, hard plastic is used to manufacture low-cost pellets and they are not very well polished with shiny components.

  1. Crosman AirSoft 5,000 ct. Bottle White Heavy AirSoft BBs (.20 grams)

Crosman AirSoft 5000 per pack BBs is simply an awesome choice for those who wish to use high-quality airsoft pellets. The actual cost of the product is starting from $12.45, but for 2 packs you need to pay $100 for each pack contains 5000 counts. The color of the BBs available online is white and its quantity in each bottle is only 5000. The weight of the each BBs pellet is .20 grams and the total ammunition caliber is 0.24 grains.

The purpose of using these BBs is to help in improving the practice of target marathon sessions. For greater impact, its seamless pellets are ideal in weight. The caliber and weight integrate into greater accuracy too.

It is suitable for all type of airguns which have 6mm diameter.

However, they are made up of plastic and not suitable for the heavy range airguns which demand hard polished BBs with heavy weight and high rated caliber.

  1. ThunderBBs Airsoft BBs 0.12, 0.20, 0.25, 0.30, 0.36, 0.38G, competition grade

ThunderBBs airsoft BBs is a fantastic smooth and dual polished that is tremendously suitable for AEGs. The ultimate quality of the respective BB is jam free and its extraordinary hardness provides the accurate shot. The 6mm diameter is quite known for competitive grades. The average price for 3000 counts to 5000 counts is under $10. This is the best cheap airsoft BBs which comes in various different weights. This is a non-biodegradable product that is not suitable for teenagers, pregnant women, and babies. Harmful emissions after break down may emit chemicals. The airgun which is suitable for use is mentioned above, but few co2 pistols and 6mm diameter airguns are compatible enough without the fear of amidst breakdown or wear and tear in the gun. This product comes in a plastic packet that could be resealed and packed again and again after use. Do not use the recycled pellets for safety purposes.

ThunderBBs Airsoft BBs 0.12, 0.20, 0.25, 0.30, 0.36, 0.38G, competition grade

The unique features of the ThunderBBs Airsoft BBs make it a larger platform for the airgun buyers online. More and more airgun users are shifting to the brand called ThunderBBs because of its multiple weights, size, and amazing accuracy rate. The price for each bag of pellets is also very nominal in comparison to other brands which again is the biggest plus point for its huge sale. If you are buying the BBs pellets of this particular brand then make sure you have chosen the right weight and grain according to your airgun standards because if the size will vary then pellet may burst inside the nozzle creating damages. For accurate shot and for accurate target shots you should opt for the ThunderBBs competition grade 6mm BBs. This size will suit all types of average airguns, and suitable for practice sessions of shooting. Do not use the broken or damaged pellets again for shooting, it will stick in the gun and will increase the chances of pellet jamming.

  Characteristics of High-Quality BB

Airsoft BBs are gaining huge popularity in the online market amongst the users of US. It is ideally designed for the use of airguns. Many companies are doing a great job in manufacturing different quality BBs pellets. The main objective of using the airgun BBs pellets is shooting, hunting, and marathon target practice sessions.


There are various features which determine the demand for distinct brands and quality-

  • Sizes– the high-quality BB especially designed for 6mm diameter airguns are of .20 grams in weight. The ideal size is 6mm only and they could be fit for Gas powered airguns, co2 pistols and standard airguns of the compatible size. If in case you are trying to use bigger size pellets into the 6mm diameter and less caliber range airguns then the pellets may get stuck or breakdown in the middle damaging the gun vigorously.
  • Accuracy- the accuracy of the high-quality BB is much more than the cheap cost BBs. They have a polished body with extreme elite components and are exposed very less to the corrosion issues.
  • Biodegradable- another main characteristic of the high-quality BB is that they are biodegradable. You can leave them in the middle of the ground without any fear of harmful chemical emissions. They could be recycled but are not meant for reuse once broken.
  • Steel body- high-quality BB is made up of steel components that have an extreme shine and super meticulousness feature. The steel body is heavier in weight and offers high accuracy rates.
  • Less jamming– the main objective of making high-quality BB is to prevent jamming issues. Mostly, people face pellet jamming problem during the shooting sessions. When using high-quality steel body pellets then this major problem is prevented up to 99%.
  • Ideal for hunting- those who are passionate about hunting and shooting should go for higher quality BBs. They may cost a bit higher than the cheap quality ones, but promise to offer 99% accuracy.
  • Bottle container- the high-quality airsoft BBs comes in hard plastic bottle or box which is handy, easy to pour and convenient to use without littering on the floor.

Does aluminum and biodegradable and tracer BBs are in demand?

The heavy weight of the aluminum airsoft BBs is known to people since decades. On the other hand, tracer BBs are also in demand because of their glow in dark feature so that the shooter could locate the target at night. Another main high-quality BBs found in the market is the biodegradable integrated material. This is a type of a component used to make lightweight pellets which can be dissolved in the ground after use. The emissions are zero percent harmful and have no side effects on the people’s health.  The reason behind these three types of high-quality BBs demand in the market is that they offer a high rate of accuracy, they are eco-friendly and very suitable for use in the high range airguns. So, if you are planning to invest in the airsoft BBs for extreme fun games and target shooting, then always purchase the high-quality biodegradable BBs from the online market at an affordable price range.

   How to take care of your BBS?

The airgun is a very useful weapon when it comes to shooting for legally allowed animals such as rabbits and common birds. The plenty of forest areas are assigned to the hunters in order to obtain animals which are in collective quantity. Another major use of airguns is found amongst army men who keep for safety purposes in their tents in order to safeguard themselves from small animals like monkeys, rabbits, and squirrels. However, airguns BBs do not necessarily need to be cleaned now and then, still, they are tending to jam and burst inside the nozzle. So, if you wish to safeguard your airgun and their BBs then certain care measures are significant to understand

  • Do not leave BBs container open– the hard plastic BBs are quite fragile in comparison to the steel body. They may get dents on sides or break down even before it is used in the airgun because of mishandling. To care take of your each and every pellet, it is always advised to use a sealed container or a water bottle style jar to protect from sunlight exposure or avoid spilling.
  • Avoid water and chemicals– there are high-quality polishes coated upon the shiny metallic body oriented BBs. They should refrain from water bodies or any type of moisture. Always keep a degradable gel pouch which prevents moisture from coming inside. The bottle container has a sealed cover that is replaced when opened for the first time. This seal could not be used again and the only cap is placed back. So make sure you keep gel moisture bag inside until the last pellet is used.
  • Remove broken pellets– airsoft BBs made up of plastic may get crushed under some heavy object or by the gun weight. You should not keep broken pellets with the evenly correct size BBs pellets to avoid further scratches and breakage. The broken pellets should be removed from the bag or the container in which the other pieces are stored. This way you can keep the right pellets safe and secure from harmful chemicals which comes out of the pellets once they are broken.

However, many people without knowing use thinner or rust removing chemicals from the BBs which are made up of steel body or have metallic coatings. The rust formed above the pellets could not be treated easily, so it is better to use the rust-free spray evenly and leave the pellets for a day or two to dry out naturally.

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