Best Airsoft Brands

Shopping for an airsoft gun or rifle and wondering which are the Best Airsoft brands in market at the moment? There are several good brands in the market today and sometimes  the information overload can cripple the decision making process.

Brands can sometimes disappoint you given that they have a wide variety of products. The airsoft rifle gun you bought a few years ago might be far more superior than the latest model.

Nowadays airsoft guns are not used only for recreational purposes but can also be used in military training and real life drills. There are even specialized professional sports which are geared towards the use of airsoft guns.

The ”best brand” will always be a subjective topic because there are those people who are obsessed with brand affinity which could be a result of exemplary marketing. We have compiled a list of the best  Airsoft brands.

  1. Winchester

This has to be the most popular name in the rifles and guns business. It was established in 1860 by Henry rifle. They are known to produce high quality rifles and their airsoft vertical is no exception.

We have reviewed several Winchester rifles and they always top the list because of the quality and versatility when it comes to functionality.

Winchester uses the same precision and care to detail on their airsoft guns just as the real rifles. One of the reasons why this brand is popular is because their rifles are can be used by even a beginner. This does not necessarily mean they are meant for everyone.

There are several Winchester rifles in the market at the moment at it is import you do a little bit of research before you decide on settling on any.

Winchester is no doubt one of the best Airsoft brands out there. Their rifles are of high quality and you have a variety to choose from

Our best recommendation would be  Winchester Model 1400CS which is a break-barrel air rifle with .177 calibre. The price is entry level and it includes all the accessories like the scope, bipod and sling.

  1. RWS

This is another popular Airsoft brand and is common in the American market. It is known for its reliability and durability. It can take years before you experience any damages or need for replacement.

Shooting is straight forward and is an easy rifle to clean which can come in handy if you spend most of the time outdoors.

The company has an amazing support and firmly believe in their line of products.  They are always looking into improving the user experience and are swift to respond to customer complaints about the product.

Some people might not like the fact that is brand’s rifles tend to be more expensive compared to the other brands in the market. Those who are familiar with RWS know that their rifles are worth every penny and are willing to spend extra.

The model 34 is one of their best airsoft rifles and the price point is still competitive for anyone that is budget-conscious.


Crosman is also big when it comes to airsoft guns and rifles. Reviewers have mixed opinions about the brand. They have produced some of the most amazing rifles. They are also responsible for some average rifles.

Their rifles are mainly geared towards targeting shooting. If you are looking for a sniper airsoft rifle then the crosman is your bet especially benjamin marauder which we have extensively reviewed.

It is easily the best .22 calibre rifle in the market right now. There are also some rifles that are not that amazing. On this premise alone, you can’t authoritatively say that all products on the crosman line can be recommended.

If you are looking for a crosman rifle that will stand out then we would recommend crosman M4-177 multi-pump rifle.


Gamo is also a big name in the airsoft industry especially when it comes to hunting rifles. Even a beginner will find himself at home with their rifles.

There are several units in the gamo line which are of very high quality and that is why we have included it the best airsoft brands list.

Gamo rifles are affordable and the wide variety means there is always going to be something for everyone depending on the needs.

Some reviewers have complained that the air rifles don’t last for a long time. You are better off looking for another brand if you are searching for something durable.


Beeman is one of the earliest brands to ever manufacture air rifles. They have received criticism that they have not kept up with the latest advancement in rifle technology.

They are still a good brand and their quality of their air rifles is exceptional. Another complain you will see with users is the power in their rifles. A good example is the  dual calibre rifle which can handle .177 and .22 barrel.

The rifle is powerful but the screws holding the barrel are shook loose every time you shoot with the rifle. This leads to low accuracy and maintaining the gun becomes expensive.


The brand  name should not be on top of the list when you are looking to buy a new air rifle or gun. Sometimes brand affinity might blind you into making a decisive decision. There are a couple of factors that will determine whether or not a an airsoft rifle is worth buying and the brand name should be least of your concerns.

If you go through the criteria, you will find that some brands pop up after the filter more than the others. This because their airsoft rifles meet the selection criteria.

There are those who hold the opinion that a particular brand is best suited for a certain purpose. This might be true but it is not always the case.  The reason why a rifle is suited for a particular purpose is because of the functionality and some brands may want to focus along that line.

We have reviewed the best airsoft brands whose airsoft guns and rifles are popular among consumers. Most of the brands that we have mentioned manufacture different air rifles and all of them are for different purposes. You should read a lot more reviews about a particular product of a brand if you are still not sure.