Best Airsoft Goggles Reviews and Buyer’s Guide-2018

As a past time paintball is gaining a lot of popularity with most people, and as a result, it is important to make sure that you are well protected as you partake it with the best airsoft goggles. For those who play paintball as a competition, the emphasis that one needs to be well equipped cannot be overstressed. Having the best airsoft goggles will most likely be the decisive factor in a player being safe. A lot of players are being tone between having to choose the best available goggle with all the accessories that come with it.

1.U S Marine Corps Airsoft goggles

As the name suggests it is a goggle that has undergone a rigorous process to be considered for the marine, as a result, it is one of the most interesting goggles on the market. But what makes it tick? It has undergone a lot of tests to meet the national safety authority meaning that it is safe to use. At the same time, the masks have an anti-fog ventilation system that allows players to continue playing while it removes fog automatically. For those who want a perfect fit, it is adjustable with some elastic band while the lens is made of shatter resistance material enabling it to last longer. This will definitely give you value for money making it a must-have goggle.

2. Valken V-TAC Echo Airsoft Goggles

It is a goggle that has a foam system that provides protection against dust while still keeping you ventilated and keeping the lens clear as it reduces fog. The Valken V-TEC Echo airsoft goggles are fully elastic as they are adjustable to fit the face and provide a secure fit. The goggles meet the national safety authority standards and therefore offer protection for your face and eyes, this is important as they are able to meet high impact requirement. The type of material that is used to make the lens will most likely determine the durability of the lens, it important to note the lens is made of materials that are high-quality and non-scratch. It is a good goggle that will serve one for a good period of time.

3. CS Airsoft Explosion-proof Goggle

As the name suggests it is a goggle that has some eye-catching features that are outstanding, the glasses eye protection masks has three lenses for triple protection, with 3mm optical grade lens, it offers a good view which is important in getting the correct vision. The CS airsoft explosion proof goggle comes with a streamlined design that is stylish and comes with a matching helmet for use for the elite army, coupled with an anti-fog ventilation system making just outstanding. As a result of the triple lens, it offers a wider view for the user which is an added advantage as it fits perfectly on the face because it comes with an adjustable strap. As a device, it is reliable and strong.

3. Lancer Tactical Airsoft Safety Goggles

Lancer Tactical Airsoft Safety Goggles is a strong foam padded goggle that offers comfort while still being able to provide a wider view for the user. The airsoft safety goggle as the name suggests is used for safety purposes that will often offer protection when in use and has a protective integrated lens wrap to prevent the goggles from dust and scratches. The goggles also come with an anti-fog system which is now a common feature among goggles with a full seal pad, the importance of that is to make sure that there are no particles that enter the eyes offering protection. It is also adjustable for a perfect fit and stop movements. It is a goggle that one should have for safety while on the battlefield.

4.Out Geek Airsoft steel goggle skull

It is a goggle that will offer the greatest protection for the user as it offers a steel mesh that comes in a skull design available for both adults and kids making adjustable for a secure fit. The goggle is foldable and comes in a lightweight design that is easy to move around with. It also comes with superb ventilation for air on the mesh while at the same time preventing fog. It has wide ballistics lenses that offer enough protection and can be used comfortably for, airsoft, paintball, and shooting. The goggle is ideal for outdoor activities and the design makes the goggle appealing. It is a geek inspired product that will definitely be a worthwhile addition for anyone considering buying goggles.

5.ZJchao Airsoft X800 Tactical Goggle

This tactical goggle offers great support for vision and comes with three polycarbonate lenses important in offering high impact vision. The vision is important as the goggle is used for tactical purposes, since it used in the combat situations, vision is quite vital. While the frame that holds the lens is made of a material that is recyclable it still offers a firm frame. UV protection is important for the user, therefore the goggle comes with a feature that provides protection against UV light. The interior of the frame offers padding for comfort; it can be used in various sports like airsoft, paintball, jet skiing and cycling.


It is a goggle that offers a great protection for the airsoft enthusiasts who are looking for protection against injuries and wind. It also comes with an anti-glare option that is not only detachable but can offer is a design that comes complete with a great lens that is wide and offers a wider vision, it can be removed for cleaning, it is anti-fog lens, windproof, UV400 for UV is a complete goggle that will automatically offer one the protection while it still has the comfortability option it is an all-round goggle that can be used in motorcycling, jet skiing, paintball and so on. It offers a wider view with an anti-scratch able feature. It is truly a great goggle for gaming protection.

7.Elemart Tactical Airsoft Goggles

It is a tactical goggle that is used in the military offering reliable protection to the users with some inbuilt features that are outstanding. It has a three layers poly- carbonated lens that provides maximum protection with a high impact technology, at the same time it comes with a military grade anti-fog and anti-scratch capabilities. The interior padding foam enables one to have a smooth surface that is comfortable while still maintaining a firm frame. A UV 400 anti-glare lens capable of providing protection against UV light, it is basically ideal for skiing, riding, airsoft, hunting, military and paintball sports. It is a high-grade goggle with maximum protection on and off the field with good protection, a must have for everyone into such sports and activities.

8.WODISON Men Tactical Airsoft Goggles 

It is a goggle that is made of high-quality material that is strong and durable while maintaining a light weight. It can be used by both adults and children making it safe for all, with a seal windproof padding. It is designed with ventilation on the side for breathable options making it a great addition to the design. The foam padding is both comfortable with affirm frame, UV 400 for anti-glare purposes and UV protection. It is a goggle that offers an adjustable strap for a perfect fit on both children and adults. It is a tactical airsoft goggle that is reliable made of durable material and a great design that can be used in different sports and activities try it and you will not be disappointed.

Best Airsoft Google Buyers guide.

There are many designs and brands of goggles that are available in the market and making the right choice may seem to be a daunting task for anyone. With a lot of information on what brand and which type is the best to buy, a buyer will have to go through all this information just to make sure that they get the best. This can, however, be simplified by taking out some important points in order to reduce the pile of information on the search. What is important might be to look at what is available based on the features.


While many may be tempted to look at the brand a lot of information may be hidden just to try and convince one on what to purchase. A brand says a lot about the time that has been spent in production and the experience that a name comes with. It is therefore paramount to try and establish additional features that the brands might have incorporated into the final product. These features will show possible additions that may have been incorporated and how relevant they may be to the user and how one is to get the best airsoft goggles.


The goggles that one may purchase will also be directed by the purpose that one intends for it, with different specifications, the type of goggle that will end with will largely be based on the intention. It is also important for the user to try and be specific so as to avoid any mismatch. There are some basic features that will often direct the user as one tries to make the choices the type of goggle to purchase. Anti-fog, breathability options, anti-scratch, wide view are some of the features that are standard on all goggles especially the best airsoft goggles. Therefore find out the purpose to get the right goggle.


Whenever a user is in the market for the best airsoft goggles in the market they are often looking for the one that offers the best protection for their face. To accomplish that the goggles will have some outstanding features that offer such protection, this may come as a one fit item or it may be in parts that come together to provide the user with protection. The market will most definitely have some designs that have unique features towards the best protection with users in mind. Looking for one that will not only fit but will be secure is important for the buyer.


It is the single most important aspect of having the goggles in the first place; the quality will often dictate the protection that one will have while using the goggles. The best airsoft goggles should have the best quality, be flexible, comfortable, offer additional features like, anti-fog, anti-scratch, ventilation, secure fit, adjustable, wider view just to mention a few. Therefore having a good quality goggle will mean you spend less while still be able to enjoy a longer period of service saving one on time and money.


The internet has a lot of information on the best airsoft goggle system that is reliable, safe and of good quality; it is, therefore, important for a user to try and get all the information and reviews on what airsoft goggles are best and for what purposes they may be designed for. All this information will act as the basis on which brand to settle on and if it is the right choice for the intended for that particular purpose. Therefore choose wisely from the information available in order to get the best.

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