Best Airsoft Guns To Buy-(2018 Reviews And Buyer’s Guide)

Are you looking for the best airsoft guns to take outdoor fun on a new level? Airsoft gun games can be very enjoyable and rewarding at the same time. You want to make sure you are only picking the best guns and rifles  so as to get the best of the outdoor activities.

Regular firearms can be a tad expensive and you can’t use them to shoot your enemies in the battle field if you are playing simulated games.

Before you decide to buy an airsoft gun, there are questions and considerations you should be having in mind.

Best Airsoft Guns

Hardcore And Experience

This is not only about you but the people you are going to be playing with. If you just want a simple air soft gun then you can always get them in your local store. If you are looking at hunting  or hard core airsoft guns then you will need something more refined and powerful. That is why you are reading this review.

Gun Use

Are you buying the gun for target practice, hunting or you want to go out in the woods with friends and practice military drills?

For a leader, you will want something that can take accurate shots while still laying down the plastic. An automatic rapid fire rifle should be perfect for this particular task.

Sniper: For a sniper, you need something more powerful with a long range. There are good sniper rifles out there and we have done a complete review with buyer’s guide. You can always add more superior accessories to improve the accuracy.


FPS stands for feet per second. This is a very important consideration when searching for the best airsoft guns. FPS is all about power and you will want to pick an airsoft gun that can slay the pray without having to need extra power.

Anything between 300-350 FPS is adequate and beginners will feel at home with this range. If you are an enthusiast and looking for power, you can go for a rifle with 400FPS.

You should also be looking at safety concerns when it comes to FPS. A sweatshirt could suffice for under 200FPS but is always recommended you wear protective gear when you are in the field of action. Ladies can always wear padded bras for extra layer of protection.


Price is always going to be a key consideration in any purchase decision. The good thing about air soft guns is there will always be a price point for every budget.

You can start with a bare rifle and can always upgrade it with powerful accessories when you get the money.

Expensive air soft guns might be worth the price but it is not always the case. You don’t have to stress yourself if you can’t afford $1500 M4. There are cheaper alternatives which will do the job just fine.


This is essential if you are planning to be outdoor most of the time with your airsoft gun. Magazines are basically the containers that hold your ammo. A sniper may not need a lot of ammo because each shot is purposed and there are not a lot in a game or a hunting session.

A support gunner will need sizable clips because of the role he/she plays. If you also don’t like reloading then you will need a gun with a higher capacity.

Shooting Style

Some airsoft guns are more suited for a particular purpose more than the others. This is where your shooting style comes into focus.

Are you more of a close range person who likes shooting rounds of ammo when bringing down your prey or you looking lurking behind the woods, narrowing in on your target with the patience and precision of a predator?

An airsoft rifle is ideal for long range shots and they give you real life sniper experience. Shotguns could be the best solution for close range shots.

Gun Type

There are different kinds of airsoft guns and it is important that you get accustomed to them before you make any buying decision. There are those that use spring piston mechanism while others are gas powered. Here are some of the most popular gun types:

Gas Blow Backs: They are commonly known as gas air soft guns. They are powered by gas, mainly Co2 although there some that are powered by green gas. These type of guns are very powerful. The only drawback is they will need to be refilled after every use and we wouldn’t recommend buying them if you live in a cold area or intend to use them during the winter period.

Spring guns: These are the most popular kind of airsoft guns and they are also the easiest to use. You will need to compress the slide or handle before you can make a shot. The mechanism works in such a way that you will need to compress before each shot but there are those spring guns that can fire multiple shots from a single pump.

Electric Guns: They are commonly referred to as AEGs. We have mentioned in our other reviews that this guns are popular but are on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to price. They have rechargeable batteries which ensures that the guns can shoot from long range at higher velocities. People like electric airsoft guns because of the versatility they offer. You get to fire single shot, semi or automatic shots without having to worry.

Size And Weight

If you are going to be carrying your weapon for a long time in the field then the weight and size is going to be big factor in your choice. A heavy gun might impede movement in the battle field. If you are going to place it in an isolated place then the size and weight shouldn’t be much on an issue. If you want something that you can hide from your enemy then a pistol could  be the best fit.


This is another consideration that consumers are always keen about. You don’t want to buy a product  that will fail just after a few months of use.

Most airsoft guns are made from moving parts and such equipment are prone to wear and tear or even accidental damage. The best airsoft guns brand offer warranty for their products. Most of them are 1 year long but you should opt for a longer period if it is available. With a warranty, you don’t have to worry about your airsoft gun failing you because of manufacturing faults which are all too common.

  1. Electric g&g cm16 r8-l desert tan airsoft rifle fps-450 

This is one of the best airsoft guns given the price and the FPS range. It is recommended for both amateurs and professionals alike as it is easy shoot. It is also very versatile and one can customize it depending on the needs and use.

The fact that it comes with accessories means you can use it straight out of the box with very little modifications to it.

Light Weight Design

The rifle has been designed with the battle field in mind. The fibre reinforced polymer body ensures that the airsoft gun only weighs 10 pounds. This is essential if you intend to manoeuvre around with ease in the battle field.

The polymer reinforcement is not just meant to make the rifle light but also to make sure it lasts a long time.


A quad-rail is always a welcome addition even if the rifle comes with accessories such as the red-dot optic attachment.

With quad-rail grip, there is room for advanced customizations. You can add high end optics to improve you range and clearance. There are no limitations with this feature as you get to improve the functionality and add power to your rifle.

Accessories Included

If you are on tight budget then this is the perfect airsoft gun for you. You don’t have to worry on spending on accessories because all the basic ones come included in the package.

In the package you get a 360rd ergonomic magazine, 9.6 V rechargeable battery, charger and  optic sights.


  • Full Metal GearBox and Gear
  • Light Weight
  • Quad-rail for advance customization

Customers have complained that the airsoft gun only comes in one color scheme and the scope that is included might not be ideal for iron sights.

  1. BBTac BT-M82 Airsoft Gun Fully Automatic Electric Rifle

This one of the best airsoft funs in the market today given the price. It is just under a 100 bucks and packs a punch when it comes to functionality and accessories.

It will be very difficult to differentiate  this rifle from the real one because it has been designed with realism in mind.

The gun is very easy to use and runs on 6 mm airsoft pellets. The fact that it comes with all the necessary accessories means you can take it out of the box and start shooting once it is fully assembled.

Ready To Play Package

Beginners will fall in love with this airsoft gun because of this feature. The ready to play package means you get a fully loaded airsoft rifle with flashlight, red-dot sight and all the tactical accessories you will need.

Full Automatic

This airsoft gun is a full automatic. This means you get to shoot a lot more faster with little input from your part. You can chose to shoot single shots or full automatic depending on your needs.

This airsoft gun is a replica of the real thing and it is often used in Hollywood films because it resembles a real rifle.

The plastic is durable and some users have reported shooting over 2000BB’s a day after purchase without it jamming.

The magazine can hold about 25 rounds of ammo which is a decent number if you compare it with other airsoft rifles in the market.

The unit work well at close range (about 20 feet) and it is recommended you use .20/.25 pellets to get the best out of your shooting.

Some users have complained that it is not as effective after 20 feet. Overall it is one of the best airsoft guns especially if you are a beginner.

3. Dragon Claw Dual Tank Air Rifle air pistol

This airsoft gun is a thing of beauty. If you have run out of ideas on gifts then this could be the perfect choice for someone who likes fine rifles.

They have given impeccable attention to the craftsmanship of the rifle.  The wood stock grain design give its an authentic feel and one would think it is a real gun.

The gun is also versatile as not only does it shoot .50 cal ammo but can also shoot cross bow-type arrows at speeds that can only be achieved by the best crossbows on earth. The air bolt design is an exclusive for the rifle. If you are looking for a package that can hunt both small and big game this is your best bet.

Power Settings

The unit comes with two different power settings. The two settings cater for both high-power and low power shooters.

The low-power shooter settings has bolt-stop mechanism. The built-in pressure gauge is meant to check the shooting power of the rifle.

The product comes with a 1 year warranty so that you can rest easy in case there is manufacture default.


·         High level of craftsmanship

·         2 Different power settings

·         11 mm scope rail included

One of the biggest disadvantage of this unit is it can only use compact scopes. This should not be a deal breaker if you don’t to be outdoors most of the time. Otherwise it is a powerful airsoft gun and is worth every penny.

  1. KRYTAC TRIDENT ALPHA CRB: AEG / Black / 6mm Airsoft Rifle

This is another 6 mm rifle that can compete with the most expensive ones currently in the market.

If you are looking at improving your shooting skills without breaking the bank then this is the airsoft gun for you.

The easily adjustable rotary hop-up system means you can chose from 15 different hop systems. This  system is efficient because you are able to adjust the rifle depending on what you are shooting at a particular moment.

Battery configuration

This is always a hotly debated topic in the airsoft gun world. There are those of the opinion that the battery should only be located in the butt pad while there are those who think the battery should be in the stock.

The KRYTAC TRIDENT caters for all the divided opinions. It doesn’t matter whether the battery should be in butt or stock as it can be adjusted depending on the configuration.

There is a configuration which allows for nun chuck battery installation in the tubes. There is also a configuration that allows for polymer brick battery installation in the stock’s rear.

Ball Bearing Gearbox

Jamming is a thing of the past with the 8 mm ball bearing gearbox  which regulates signals from the trigger contact.


One of the biggest issues with guns is the impact of the piston assembly. The KRYAC TRIDENT rifle has a padded cylinder with enlarged rubber bumper that optimizes the angle of engagement which absorbs the energy from the shooting impact.

The processer is also easy to locate which makes lubrication easy when doing routine maintenance. The motor can deliver up to 20,000 RPM which is rear in this class of funs.

This unit is all about reliability and durability and is one of the best airsoft guns in that regard. The only major drawback is you might need different springs if you are using different types of ammos.

  1. Soft Air Thompson 1928 AEG Airsoft Gun

This unit looks like a real machine gun even though it is compact in size. It has a full metal body with fine wood handles. It can deliver up to 426 FPS and still maintain a consistent level of accuracy.


It has a reinforced gearbox which always deliver without having to worry that the gun will jam.

 Premium Finish

What differentiates airsoft guns from an aesthetic point of view is usually the finishing.  The Thompson does well in that regard as it has a high quality wood grain finish. It is the exact replica of a semi automatic you might have seen on TV.

The design is taken from one of the most popular guns ever produced. If you are looking for something life-like and still has powerful features, the Thompson 1828 comes highly recommended.

  1. Heckler And Kocj G36C AEG Airsoft Gun

Heckler And Kocj is one of the biggest names in the guns business and are known to produce high quality products, their G36C being no exception.

This unit has all the quality grades you will find in a real life Heckler and Kocj rifle. From the premium finish to the life-like design, the G3 has everything you will need to get you started.

Rail System

What is a good airsoft rifle without a great rail system? A good rail system offers support for numerous gun accessories. This unit has plenty of room for add-ons even if you want to include a laser -dot sight.

It also comes with a 1 year warranty which is always nice since you don’t know what might happen to the gun from the moment you receive the package.

The ambidextrous system together with the rail system makes this unit a high quality rifle. It is also easy to carry around which could be an advantage in a field combat situation.

7.Krytac Kriss Vector Automatic Electric Airsoft Gun 6mm

If there was ever to be an award for the most weird looking airsoft guns it would go to this bad boy. Don’t let the weird look fool you as this unit is as powerful as they come.

It is a little costly than the average airsoft gun but the functionality justifies the price tag. If you are looking for an M4  alternative then this is what you should buy.

Different Firing Modes

If you are going to pay around 500 bucks for an airsoft gun then it should have several firing modes. The Krytac Kriss Vector Automatic offer 3 firing modes which are distinctly unique and should be enough for any use.


Left-hand users will love this rifle. You will not feel left out because it accommodates both left and right handed users.

The price of the Krytac kriss might be deal breaker for some people but we would definitely recommend it if you are looking M4 power and within a reasonable budget.

  1. VFC AVALON VR16 Calibur Carbine – AEG Airsoft Gun

This another gun that caters for both right and left handed users. The rail system can support multiple accessories. The built quality and finish is class competitive even though it is not a very popular airsoft gun.

The full metal body ensures that the gun can withstand all  the elements since it will be used outdoors most of the time.

When it comes to power, this rifle can deliver between 380-390 FPS which is not something you find in most airsoft guns. This FPS is ideal for hunting prey or target practice. Add a powerful scope and you have one of the best airsoft guns at your finger tips.

The rail system offers more than enough space if you would like to add accessories to your airsoft gun. Some users have complained that the stock is sometimes wobbly which can be rectified with a little bit of tightening.

The rifle will perform well in most verticals and it is easy to use out f the box which makes it beginner friendly. If you are looking for something that is reliable and still fun to handle then the VFC AVALON should be in your list of consideration.

  1. Elite Force beretta arx160 Airsoft Gun

If you like them big and powerful then this is the gun for you. It has been designed with safety in mind and still has all the features you’d find in a real firearm.

For durability, the gun has a fibre body with metal gears. The metal components also ensure that it lasts for a very long time. If you are looking at not replacing your airsoft gun for the next couple of years then the Elite Force is the rifle for you.

This unit is also versatile when it comes to options. There are different shooting modes to accommodate every need. Other long range shooting, the gun performs well and you can be sure you are covered for close range situations.

You also get to chose between semi automatic or full automatic shooting which comes in handy if you don’t to reload your gun each and every time.

  1. umarex elite force 1911 tac gen3 airsoft pistol

This is only pistol on the list because we have covered them here. It deserves a honourable mention because it can compete with the big boys as far functionality is concerned.

Umarex is a synonymous name in the rifles and guns industry and you can be sure of quality in their products. This pistol comes in 2 colors, black and brown. It is also designed to look life-like as the replica of a real pistol.


The Umarex elite force features a full metal construction which guarantees durability and will last a decade if it is well maintained.


Umarex is also known for safety and this unit embodies the same principles. The threaded orange tip comes as standard for all airsoft guns. In addition, there are two safety buttons which makes than gun safe for use with minors.

If you want a realistic blowback then this unit delivers just that. Opponents of airsoft guns have always criticized that the blowback is not realistic. It is different with this gun because you can literally feel it and there is very little difference with a real gun.

It also has excellent power range at 345 FPS which is phenomenal given the size of the gun and the compactness.

The disadvantage with the gun is that it uses up  Co2 quickly and the hop up will need adjustments from time to time.

Overall this is one of  the best airsoft guns if you are looking something that is compact and has a lot of power.


Choosing the best airsoft guns can be very time consuming especially if you are trying them out for the first time. We have scrapped and done our research to give you the best guns. We might not have covered everything but we believe the list is exhaustive and you will find something that suits your need.

Our recommendation for the best airsoft gun to buy goes the dragon claw dual tank air rifle. It has everything you will need in an air rifle and you don’t have to break the bank in order to get your hands on. We hope this review was helpful in you quest for finding the best airsoft guns.

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