The best airsoft masks -Reviews and Guide 2018

The best airsoft masks will fully protect the player especially on the areas that are a risk zone; the areas include the face, nose, mouth, and eyes. It is important for anyone intending to play an airsoft game to make sure that they well protected, as this will make sure that they are safe from injuries. The speed of the ball might cause injuries and even leave scars; therefore it is of paramount importance to make sure that the masks that you buy will ultimately give you the best protection. The design will often give one a hint of what to expect from the product.

  1. Outdoor Master Full Face Airsoft Mask 

This is a full face airsoft mask that offers a great protection for the whole face, this entails a detailed design that is eye-catching and offers an eye mesh for full protection without hindering vision. With elastic straps on different sections of the mask to provide a secure fit for anyone who intends to use the masks, it also has paddings on the face and nose areas so prevent bruising on the face and to make the mask more comfortable on the inside. This is surely a mask that is an outdoor master in design, style, and application which can also be used for Halloween other than airsoft games.

It also has an improved breathing and communication system that is made of perforated sections of the mouth and nose areas ensuring that one can communicate effectively and can breathe efficiently. One will also have an option of choosing from a variety of colors though it only has one size, nonetheless, the user will be guaranteed one year warranty on the product, just in case one experiences a malfunction.  The product is of great quality and ensures that the user is protected from any form of injury both externally and internally.

2.Infityle Airsoft Masks – Adjustable paintball mask

As a brand the Infityle Airsoft adjustable paintball mask is a face Mask that its Steel Mesh is made of a steel that is of low-carbon, it is capable of offering the best protection for the game, the goggles are made in such a way that makes breathing easier since they have ABS material, which is a material that will make the user comfortable. Since the band of the airsoft mask is adjustable and light in weight it makes for easier movement and a stress-free hassle as one enjoys the game, the material used is easily bent to make for an easier fit on the face.

The infintyle Airsoft masks can be used for various activities including; paintball, hunting, shooting, airsoft and many more making it a preferred choice for many taking up outdoor activities, therefore it offers comfort and it is reliable. Customers are well taken care of, with 100% infityle guarantee in case of any issues with the masks, which is also compatible with a range of goggles available in the market.  It is a durable and reliable product that offers comfort and safety for outdoor activities.

3.Outgeek Airsoft Half Face Mask

The outgeek airsoft half face mask is a product that has been produced from thorough research in terms of comfort, reliability, durability and it is a secure half face mask that offers protection out outdoor activities. It is a product that comes with a pair of goggles making it a complete package with a variety of user-friendly additions to make it fit.

The material that has been used in the product is secure and meets the airsoft approval, a steel of low carbon makes the mask more users friendly and the goggles come with the Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic that makes the masks adjustable and form. The masks are also a one size fit for both adults and children and that makes the mask adjustable with a skull design that is very appealing to the eye. Since it is supposed to be adjusted for an easy fit, it comes with two straps that are elastic.

The airsoft mask is capable of being folded and can be easily and gently bent in order for it to fit the user’s face much better; while it has a mesh at the mouth for air ventilation which is superb and it prevents fogging while in use because of the mesh.

4.GXG XVSN Paintball Masks

This is a mask that is ready for use in any outdoor activities and I is made a nylon material that is long-lasting and safe is capable of offering the best protection for airsoft games. The GXG XVSN Paintball Masks is a combination of a nylon, Plastic and Cotton material that makes the product strong and comfortable to use.

It is a single Lens Stealth Goggle Mask, a system that offers the user a great view, while still providing a fog-free environment for the user. Its plastic cover also provides reinforcement making it secure and form with a secure fit. This is important in ensuring that the mask has a great protection. The lenses, on the other hand, have a changeable ability with a closed face foam facility giving the user an excellent protection.

In case one experiences a breakage, the quick release system of the lens allows for a change of the lens, with an adjustable head strap to give a perfect fit for any category of person. It has a ballistic lens capable of maximum protection for the user as they undertake their favorite outdoor activities.  This a great addition for the airsoft enthusiast as they look to enjoy themselves.

5.Outgeek Tactical Airsoft Mask Full Face Costume Mask (Urban)

The outgeek tactical airsoft full face mask is a costume mask produced from thorough tests on the thermoplastic polyurethanes materials that are highly reliable and durable; with a strong and sturdy capacity it is the most sorts after and wanted tactical gear for anyone looking to enjoy airsoft games and other outdoor activities. As a result, it is a product that you can rely on.

The rubber pads on the inside of the mask on the forehead and cheeks, allow the user to feel comfortable wearing the mask and most importantly since it is a full mask the ventilation and communication abilities are enhanced with the outer mesh while still keeping the user well protected.  The bands on the other side are adjustable making the mask one size for all.

The design of the mask with a snake camouflage is a patent that has been authorized in the US and is important as it gives the mask a one of a kind outlook, while the texture and form on the mask is distinctive and appealing for the airsoft activities. It is a great addition for outdoor activities that include airsoft, hunting, shooting paintball and so on. It is a comfortable and secure mask for anyone who wants to enjoy an activity.

Best Airsoft Masks Buyers guide.

Every buyer wants to make sure that they are able to get the best product especially one who may be looking for a good airsoft mask; the options available on the market make it easier for new users to make a good decision, one that will guarantee the safety of the user. The attributes that one needs to look at as they shop around must include some of the following points. Shooting glasses to start with is a must-have for anyone intending to play airsoft games. On the part of the masks, there are some options like having a half mask or a full mask or even a themed mask for those who want to have a customized mask.

Shooting glasses are an important aspect of the game and a user must always try to make sure that they are made of reliable material that will offer protection while still being able to give a good view, while at the same time does not hinder movement. Since the games require a lot of movement, the weight of the masks will also have an impact on the movement of the players, therefore one must make sure the masks are lightweight. It is advisable for one to try and have the tried out in a shooting gallery, so as to ascertain that they can deliver.

A Half mask is an option that the user can look into; the mask will cover half the face and will offer protection to the bigger part of the risk areas, this can also be coupled with a cover for the mouth, making the mask securely fastened for better protection and to reduce its movement. A half mask is a good option for those who may be looking to make a good bargain on the masks, the best airsoft masks 2018 allows a wide variety of options for anyone with a user-friendly or customized masks.

Another option that can be looked at is the full mask which will be covering the whole face including the mouth. As a result, the mask must offer a ventilation option around the mouth to make breathing possible. A good mask is one that considers the user comfortability and its ease in use as it offers an excellent protection for one’s face. The ventilation on the masks will make breathability easier and also allows one to play airsoft games for long hours.

Another mask to consider is the thematic mask; it is a cool and stylish mask that comes themed with various heroes. At the same time, they come protected with a mesh around the mouth for ventilation. The themed masks can be used on different occasions an added advantage. They offer a good way of expression while still providing the protection required around high-risk areas on the face. In general, the different options available will allow a user to have a variety of options to consider as they shop around.

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