Best Airsoft Pistols-(2018 Reviews And Buyer’s Guide)

You are in the right place if you are looking for the best airsoft pistols to make a statement. Whether you want to buy out of curiosity or you an avid user, you can be sure we have something that you will fancy.

The big question is what is a good air pistol? You can’t make a purchasing decision without answering this question.

A good pistol should be accurate, reliable, durable and inexpensive. Price is always subjective but as it is often the case, you don’t have to break the bank to get a high-quality air pistol.

We have thoroughly done our research and there are a couple of good airsoft pistol on the market today. There are no clear winners as each pistol as its unique strength. There however one or 2 products that come highly recommended because of their overall functionality.

Best Airsoft Pistols

Airsoft Pistol Buyer’s Guide

Before you decide to buy an airsoft pistol, there are basic things you should be looking at which are essential if you are to make an informed decision. These factors apply when buying any kind of gun, be it a rifle or a shotgun.


The size and weight of the gun is always going to be an important consideration. Pistols are compact in nature but there are some which may be smaller and weigh less than others. It is recommended you chose a gun that you can easily carry around without feeling the effect of the weight.


What are you going to be using the gun for? Are you buying just to show off on Instagram or you will be using it on a regular?

If you don’t intend on using regularly then there is no need to buy an expensive unit. Anything cheap and practical will suffice. If you intend on using it outdoors then something with more power and durability is recommended.


This is always going to be a major consideration regardless of what product you are buying. You first have to look at your finances and determine how much you can set aside for the purchase of the airsoft gun.

There is an airsoft gun for almost every budget but it will sometimes mean compromising on quality. High-end products do not also guarantee quality and that is why you need to do your due diligence before you make any buying decision.

Reviews and Recommendation

The reviews a product will give an insight into the level of customer satisfaction. People will definitely recommend a product if they find it useful or fulfills their needs.

For a weapon, you want to get first-hand experiences on how it handles and the shooting power from real-life owners. The reviewers will also highlight what is wrong with the product so that you are well aware before you make the decision on whether to buy it or not.

Best Airsoft Pistols

1.Umarex elite force 1911 tac gen3 airsoft pistol

Umarex is a big name in the firearms industry and is known mostly for their airsoft pistols. This 2.5-pound pistol is designed to feel good in the hand and it comes with a metal frame and slide. The plastic grip also feels comfortable in the hand.

It features a gunmetal grey look with all normal 1911 tac controls. It has skeletonized trigger and hammer. The frame also features ambidextrous safety feature which can only be activated when the hammer is pulled back.

The slides feature a cocking option which can come in handy if you want to shoot without delays. The metal construction ensures that the pistol will last for a very long time.

The grip on a gun is important and that is why the elite force 1911 comes with diamond grips for seamless performance. The grips also give the pistol an aesthetic look and feel to it.

This product can be used in all kinds of weather and you can be sure it will not jam on you during the winter period.

It has a Co2 AND BB’s combination which is always good for any kind of airsoft gun. It is easy to shoot out of the box which makes it one of the best airsoft pistols for both beginners and professionals.

There is a tactical rail under the barrel for all your tactical needs and is commonly used with strobe lights in the US and Europe.

With the torch and extended magazines, you can do wonders in compact spaces. The Co2 pistol shoots at 352 FPS.

The pistol cannot be power stroked but it does make up for this deficiency in the gas efficiency.

Some customers have complained about the accuracy of the hop up which can always be rectified. Otherwise, it is one of the best airsoft pistols you can get.

best airsoft pistol

  1. Kjw model-603m9ptp gas/co2 blowback full metal Airsoft Gun

This is another high-quality airsoft rifle that comes highly recommended by experts because of the sheer power and functionality it posses.

It is excellent for beginners and can be powered by either green gas or Co2. The gun can also be customized to the user’s preference because of the limitless upgrade functionalities available.

The gun weighs just 1.9 lbs and can shoot up to 320 FPS  with green gas and can increase even further if Co2 is used and the right conditions prevail.

The ambidextrous safety has left-handed users in mind. The gun is made of metal with the exception of the checkered grip which is meant to be planted on the hands perfectly.

The finish and build quality is superior and is definitely industry leading. The gun has the real-like feel and one can easily confuse it with a real gun if it were not for the orange tip which is mandatory for all airsoft guns.

The smooth double mechanism makes shooting a breeze and the pistol fits nicely in the hands even if they are small.

In the box, you get the pistol and BBs which are not really ideal for use if you want something more dynamic. The ones that come in the box are .12 pellets which don’t offer much when it comes to shooting.

If you opt to use Co2 then you’ll have to buy a different kind of magazine which does not come in the box.

The only con that can be mentioned about this airsoft pistol is you cannot remove the orange tip or use a silencer because of the non-threaded spray. This shouldn’t be a deal breaker because the KJW M9 is one f the best airsoft pistols.

best airsoft pistols

  1. Umarex Walther 2262020 15 Rounds P99 Blowback Air Soft Pistol

This is another quality pistol from Umarex. It is easy to use and is also popular among law enforcers because it is life-like and performs well.

The biggest value proposition of this unit is the cocking mechanism.  You only have to cock it one time and you can shoot several rounds without having to worry. This is a good feature especially if you are in combat situations and you want to take down your prey as quick and fast as possible.

The accuracy levels are also up there with the best airsoft pistols. You can shoot from 120 feet or higher with pin-point precision. This also comes in handy if you are using the weapon in the field of action.

You don’t have to stop and reload each and every time because the magazine can hold up to 15 rounds of ammo.

The .20g caliber capacity might be ideal but it is not always recommended especially if you are going to be shooting outdoors.

You get a realistic feel to the unit as the barrel is constructed from metal and it does feel rugged in the hand.

The realistic blowback is also a major selling point for this pistol. You want to experience how a real gun feels like and this pistol provides just that.

It comes with an accessory rail so that you can add all the necessary accessories to give the pistol even more power.

The blowback feature is known to waste Co2 but otherwise, it is a great gun given the price and functionalities it offers.

best airsoft pistols

  1. KWA ATP GBB Airsoft Pistol

This is another powerful airsoft pistol that comes highly recommended by experts in the game. It is fully manufactured in the US and the brand is well known by seasonal airsoft players.

It has a clean design and is compact in the hand. The main features included are, fit Glock holsters, interchangeable backstrap and fin trigger safety.

It also features a 3-dot sight which is maximized for visibility. It is strong and lightweight which gives you a sense of realism with the pistol.

It should be noted that the KWA ATP will need cleaning straight out the box because it looks and feels rusty.

The shooting range is also exceptional for this kind of pistol. You get 330-340 FPS with a deviation of up to 20FPS.

The deviation should not be a big deal in a pistol. This unit is one of the best airsoft pistols when it comes to accuracy.

The range is also phenomenal and can rival even the most expensive pistols. You can get perfect shots at 110 feet with 130 being the maximum.

You should only use green gas with this pistol as anything else could damage it and the warranty will not be valid.

The magazine is metal designed and comes with a sliding rubber which meant to help in avoiding slides and falls which result in damages.

The Hop-up system lets you dial quickly the desired setting without readjusting. This is in turn results in high efficiency when using the pistol.

Other than the pistol, you get a magazine speed loader, BBs, and lubricant. The gun and the lubricant are only things of real value. The others you can replace if you want more from your KWA ATP GBB Airsoft Pistol.

You will enjoy this rifle if you love Glock and you are looking for something sturdy that you can take on the battlefield with confidence.

best airsoft pistols

5.Crosman Stinger P311 Airsoft Pistol

Crosman is known more for their rifles but their pistols are still of high quality. This pistol is light, easy to carry around and has some serious shooting power.

The design is unique and is a replica of a real firearm which makes it a good bargain if you are looking for something life-like.

It has a standard caliber which provides more than enough power. The pistol is easy to use straight out of the box and beginners will feel at home with the dynamism and handling of the pistol.

The magazine is easy to load and handle well thus saving time when you are out on the battlefield and the enemy is approaching.

It has 325 FPS which is ideal for long range shooting and is competitive if you look at the best airsoft pistols on the list.

It is 9 inches long which make it easy to for long range shots. The multi BB shooting action is dependent on the pumps and the 12 round ammo is not class leading but is definitely competitive.

The only downside to this pistol is the touch button on the side which if you are not careful can release the BBs when they are being loaded.

The Crosman is a good pistol if you are just starting out and you are looking for a pistol that is functional and does not cost an arm and a leg.

best airsoft pistols

6.Soft Air Colt 1911 CO2 Airsoft Pistol

This is also a 6mm blowback pistol designed to mimic the real thing. The grip safety, single action hammer, and the trigger are just mind-blowing.

This pistol will go through the  CO2 doing around 4 mags easily which is around 75 rounds per canister. It is light in weight and the aesthetic design makes it look and feel real in the hands.

The blowback is almost that you would get in a real pistol but the only drawback is it will split the CO2.

It uses 20g BB which are easily available even in convenient stores and can be purchased in bulk. We don’t always recommend this BB because you are limited with the power you will be getting with your shots.

The body is all metal to make it look and feel real. This unit is a semi-automatic which means you can shoot continuously without having to worry about reloading.

It has an excellent shooting range at 344 FPs which is among the best in the class. You get a firm grip on the gun as the pistol is textured to prevent slipping. This is for those people whose hands are always sweaty.

The fact that it is made from metal means the pistol is going to last for a long time. It is also easy to use which pistols should be all about.

You can easily carry it out in the field because of its light weight and the safety features ensure that accidents are minimized. Overall it is a great gun and you can rest assured of the quality and longevity of the pistol.

best airsoft pistols

7.Firepower .45 Metal Slide Airsoft Pistol, 6mm

This has to be one of the cheapest pistols on our list as you can get it for under 50 bucks. It may be cheap but it can still compete with the best airsoft pistols out there.

There is a realistic feel to it and can shoot up to 328 FPS  which is a big surprise given the entry price point.

The mag holds up to 12 rounds of ammo. It is extremely light and you wouldn’t immediately notice the weight if you were carrying it around.

This pistol is perfect for shooting rodents and varmints which have been giving you trouble. The best range is about 30 feet and you can hit the target with precision.

In terms of safety, there is a functional setting which restricts the gun from accidental shooting. It is a good gift for minors because of this specific feature. It is compact in size and light which is ideal for an airsoft pistol. The .45 caliber gives you more power than you would find in average airsoft guns

Users have complained that the magazine sometimes releases the BBs when it is loaded which can be a buzz killer. Otherwise, it is a good pistol if you are looking for something cheap that can still function well.

best airsoft pistols

  1. ASG CZ P-09 Gas Powered Airsoft Pistol

There are not a lot reviews out there about this particular product but the specs speak for themselves.

This pistol is manufactured by KWJ and thus you can be sure of high standards of quality.

It weighs 2 pounds and is compatible with both CO2 and green gas. The versatility means that the pistol can shoot between 320-380 FPS . There are very few pistols on the list that can handle such a range.

In the box, you get the pistol, integrated mounting rail, 3-dot sight system and authentic marking. In addition you also get ambidextrous on-frames for safety.

The pistol looks like a replica because it was designed by the original drawings. The handling is superb even for a big gun as it is. The polymer frame compliments the metal slide which gives it an exquisite look.

The performance of the pistol is one of its mains selling points. It provides a realistic blowback and can achieve a range of 120 feet with 100 being the perfect spot.

The green magazines that are included can shoot 320-340 FPS as standard. If you are looking for a longer range, the CO2 can significantly boost it to 380 FPS.

The out barrel is made of metal and the pistol can hold up to 25 rounds of ammo. The green gas can give up to 1.5 mag per fill and the CO2 twice as much.

There is very little difference with this rifle and the KJW we have reviewed. You are assured of quality and performance without having to break the bank. This is by no doubt of the best airsoft pistols you will buy.

best airsoft pistols

  1. Tokyo Marui Hi-CAPA 5.1 Airsoft Gun

This gun has been manufactured by Tokyo Marui, one of the oldest players in the game. It weighs 1.9 pounds and can shoot at 280-290 FPS. The pistol is unique as it only runs on green gas.

You get 30% more BBS than you would normally get in a regular pistol. Safety is covered with the beavertail and ambidextrous mechanism. If you are looking for an all metal pistol then this is not the unit for you.

If you are on a budget and you are looking for the best airsoft gun blowback experience then the Tokyo Marui is the best bet.

You get a short trigger pull which is perfect for newbies. There is a patented hop-up mechanism will is set once which greatly improves the accuracy.

The effective range is also excellent and some users have reported up to 200 feet! One of the challenges with airsoft pistols is the availability of parts. Parts and accessories are easily and readily available for the Tokyo Marua airsoft pistol.

The major drawback of this pistol has to be the plastic slide which can easily crack. Replacing it with a metal one can cost you up to $80. Other than that, it is among the best airsoft pistols if you are willing to spend some extra cash to fully customize it.

best airsoft pistol

10.Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer .6mm Airsoft pistol

This is yet another airsoft pistol from Umarex. You can get it for under $50 which is great if you are looking for something inexpensive with basic functionalities of an airsoft pistol.

It is compact in size and you can easily put it in your pocket without anyone noticing. You can use it as a secondary weapon if you are in the battle field so that you can catch your enemy with the element of surprise.

The pistol has surprisingly a 400 FPS and the magazine can hold 15 rounds of ammo. It is very rare to find such specs in an airsoft rifle that costs less than 50 bucks.

There is a 6mm caliber which provides for a powerful shooting experience. The gun does feel and look good despite the price point.

The major con has to be the fact that this pistol does not have a blowback which can be bummer if you are looking for realistic experiences with your airsoft pistol. Otherwise it is a great product if you are on tight budget but still want something that can perform like the big boys.

best airsoft pistols

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