Best Airsoft Shotguns-2018 Reviews

Having variety is good when it comes to airsoft competitive gaming and we have reviewed the best airsoft shotguns that you can add to your arsenal.

We have done this review because some people feel left out because there are not a lot of Buyer guides on shotguns compared to rifles and pistols.

There are a couple of things you should be looking at before you decide to buy an airsoft shotgun.

Single Shot Vs Tri-Shot

A lot of people who are just starting with Airsoft weapons don’t know the meaning of Tri shot and single shot let alone differentiating them.

It might seem obvious that a Tri shot is better than a single shot but the situation is more complex than that. Both have their own advantages depending on the circumstances of their usage.

A tri short is ideal for close quarter combat because you get more shooting dynamics when the enemy is close by. Missing your target in close combat situations could mean the difference between losing or winning the war.

Single Shot is for long range shooting because you have all the time in the world.  Accuracy is hugely affected when a short gun shoots 3 times at a go because there is no sole focus.

The single shot is more effective when it comes to range and accuracy and you have the time to focus on the target.

Best Airsoft Shot Guns Buyer’s Guide

There are a handful of airsoft shotguns in the market from different brand names. Choosing the best could be a daunting task if you don’t have the right information. You could spend a fortune on a product that might end up being a huge disappointment. Here are some factors you should be looking at when a buying an airsoft shotgun to avoid being burned.

Range of Shooting

The type of shotgun you will be buying will entirely depend on the range of shooting. As we have mentioned, Tri shots are meant for close combat scenarios while single shots or for long range shooting.

Gas Or Spring

This is a consideration in almost every kind of airsoft product you are going to be buying. A gas-powered shotgun has a more realistic feel and design to it. They tend to be more expensive than spring short guns since they need to be refilled every time the gas runs out. They also require extra maintenance for maximum performance.

If you are starting out, we would recommend spring guns because they are cheap, easy to use out of the box and are inexpensive to maintain. You can decide to upgrade to a gas powered shotgun once you have become accustomed to the spring one.


The feet per second (FPS) metric is another important factor when buying an airsoft weapon. 300-450 FPS is ideal but you don’t want to get something higher.

Some games are very specific with the FPS. It is better to check out the FPS requirements before you by an airsoft shotgun.


There is an airsoft gun for every budget and expensive doesn’t necessarily translate to quality. If you are on a budget, it is important you get the best airsoft shotgun you can get given your price point. The more the price the higher the chances of getting a high-quality short gun. You can also make your short gun more powerful by adding accessories.

Best Airsoft Shot Guns

  1. BBTac Airsoft Pump Action Shotgun Rifle 400 FPS Police

This is a powerful and realistic shotgun given the price. You can get it for under 50 bucks and it has received a ton of positive reviews.

It has 400FPS and uses .12 BBS for shooting. You also get a sling which is included in the packaging.

There is a 14 round magazine capacity which comes in handy for close range shooting. The body part is made of mainly metal alloy and ABS plastic. It weighs 4 pounds which makes it great for carrying around. If you are on a budget and looking for something that is reliable and effective then this is one of the best airsoft shotguns you can get.

best airsoft shotgun

  1. Mossberg Tactical Long Shotgun Kit

Mossberg is not a common brand in the airsoft world but their airsoft shotgun does stand out. It is cheap and packs a punch at the same time.

For less than 100 bucks, you get a tactical shotgun with a pistol. How awesome is that? This could save you a lot of you were intending on buying a shotgun and a pistol.

In addition, you also get 2500 BBs included which is a great way to start you off if you are using an airsoft shotgun for the first time.

It has a range of 335 FPS with a magazine capacity of  180 BBs. The pistol has a range of 162 FPS with a magazine capacity of 70BBS.

best airsoft shotguns

  1. UTG Sport Airsoft Multi-Burst M4/90 Combat Shotgun

This unit comes with a sturdy ABS ghost ring frame. The shell loading is nice and quick and there is a tactical rail which gives the chance of adding extra accessories to make the short gun even more powerful.

It is fully loaded with a twistable telescope, pistol grip, and rear/front sights. It can shoot at 300FPS which makes it perfect for medium short range Tri shots.

Some reviewers have compared it to the real steel m1014 because of the ammo it uses. You also get a bargain the price and how much powerful functionalities you will be getting from the UTG.

It can handle .20 and .25 BBs without trouble. The ejection port is non-functional but you shouldn’t be expecting a lot from an airsoft gun. The unit comes highly recommended if you are looking for a replica piece of the real shotgun even when it comes to functionality and versatility.

best airsoft shotguns

  1. BBTac BT-M47 Sawed-Off Style Spring Shotgun

This another airsoft shotgun that looks like a real gun. It has a robust and sturdy construction. The barrel is made from aluminum which greatly improves the accuracy of shots.

The easy pump functionality makes it effortless to pump and shoot at the same time without being distracted.

It weighs around 7.7 pounds and the load pump shoots at 330FPS and BBs can easily go through cardboard. The magazine feed can hold up to 20 rounds. You should order extra magazines if you intend to use this airsoft shotgun for competitive gaming. Overall it is one of the best airsoft shotguns if you put the price into consideration with what you will be getting.

best airsoft shotguns

  1. Double Eagle Heavy Weight Pistol Grip 3 Shot Shotgun 

This is a full-size Tri shot shotgun and can shoot between 300-350 FPS. It has a shell type magazine which provides great handling.

The look and feel are that of a real gun and has been designed to last for a long time. Buyers have praised its accuracy. The only drawback is it is fully made of plastic which might put some people off.  It is an excellent airsoft shotgun which can be given as a present to teenagers or even adults.

best airsoft shotguns


Finding the best airsoft shotguns should not be rocket science. They are inexpensive and can be bought together with other airsoft products. There are not a lot of airsoft shotgun brands out there. Our list is not exhaustive but we have reviewed fairly decent products with a good price range.

An airsoft shotgun might not be enough if you are looking for something with more power and long-range accuracy. In that case, we recommend an airsoft sniper rifle. You can buy them both if you are not sure.

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