Best Paintball Gun – Top Rated Paintball Markers 2018

In this guide, you will read about the best paintball gun which you can buy online for fun and multiplayer use. The mechanism, prices range, features and a lot more is accessible online for paintball gun kits. You don’t need to rush anymore to the game parlor or a fun adventure park anymore and spend a lot of dollars. The life of the paintball guns depends upon the way you use and maintain. Several accessories, Co2 pellet kits, and protector accessories are also sold online. It is necessary to use eye gear, face mask while playing with the nitrogen and Co2 integrated paintball pellets. They may harm or create inflammation on the skin after contact.

The size of the paintball, its caliber, and compatibility with the model is significant to look for before buying the set of pellets otherwise you will not be able to insert the ball pellet properly and it may burst inside the gun. The internal pellet rupture may cost you a hefty amount in repairs.

The list of top rated and best paintball guns of 2018

1.3Skull Cronus Paintball Marker Gun Player Package

Best Paintball Gun

Tippman Cronus is known to what we consider to be the best paintball gun on the online market these days. It is remarkably the most durable product that projects high performance as the key feature. The mega set of the 3Skull Cronus paintball marker gun contains is-

  • Anti-Fog Paintball Mask
  • 200 round gravity fed loader
  • Co2 tank with the capacity of 20 ounce
  • 1 paintball harness including 6 plus in the kit
  • 6 standard size 140 round paintball pods

Enjoy the paintball gun sessions with your friends in a secured ground area where you can wear the GXG ask which has Fog lens that do not cloud the main screen covering the face with the paint. You are also getting the heavy duty paintball clear tubes as well as 1 ounce of gold cup oil. The beneficial perks added to the best gun kit are the empty 20 ounce Co2 tank and 200 round black hopper.

2.TIPPMANN A5 Gun 4+1 Xray MEGA Set + Remote + Neck Guard

Paintball Gear

Tippman A5 gun is another chief authentic semi-automatic type paintball gun which has versatile components added to the kit. In this complete set, you will receive-

  • Extra paint tubes
  • Neck guard
  • Goggles
  • Marker
  • Tank and a loader

The product also includes a 20 ounce of Co2 tank that is empty and has to be filled once you receive the shipment. It contains a 4+1 harness as well as tubes. The goggle is integrated with the technology of PMI Xray and the gun oil is also provided in the mega set. In this particular model, you will also receive 1 piece of heavy duty remote coil. Hence, the total caliber administered by the experts for this paintball gun is 0.68 and it is designed upon the semi-automatic firing mechanism. The total weight of the gun without using the full tank is 3.5 pounds. However, the gun supports Co2, compressed air as well as nitrogen power pellets.

3. Spyder MR100 Pro Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull Mega Set

This is the all new pro paintball marker gun by the manufacturers of 3Skull. The total cost of the gun also includes the mega set in which you will receive the following products-

  • 200 round black hopper
  • 20-ounce carbon dioxide tank, it is usually shipped empty
  • GXG XVSN face mask with visor as well as Anti Fog Lens
  • There are 6 paintball harness with 1 extra inside the package
  • Clear tubes with 140 round heavy duty is also included in the mega set
  • 1 ounce of gold cup oil and 21 inches orange jerk squeegee

Those who wish to have some extra fun this season must obtain this pro paintball marker gun by 3Skull because it functions on the semi-automatic feature mechanism. Its marker has an air efficient EKO valve system that is capable of shooting up to 1600 shots from 20 ounce Co2 tank. With the use of adjustable shoulder strap, you can use the marker and transport it conveniently while walking or running.

Spyder MR100

4.Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun

Tippmann Cronus tactical paintball gun is the semi-automatic marker which is providing 0.68 calibers. It comes in olive and black color and has an in-line bolt design. The internal gas line makes it quite useful and saves a lot of time. For the high impact composite body paintball gun you must go for this particular brand. The kit includes the following items mentioned below-

  • Mock silencer including the front sight
  • 6 position collapsible stock
  • Vertical grip
  • Carry handle including sight
  • 4 pica tinny rails
  • Ported barrel with high-performance feature

For the complete military look, you must opt for this particular brand as it has an adjustable stock like a military gun has. You can also modify the model by mounting accessories of diverse types which are easily available online. This is the best paintball gun under $300 which you can buy easily from the online platform.

Tippmann Cronus

5.Dye Precision Proto Rize Marker Paintball Gun

Here comes the latest model of the paintball gun known as Dye Precision Proto Rize marker. It is loaded with amazing features which are stated below-

  • It has an hourglass trigger frame with an electronic function
  • 4 style tournament firing modes given in the gun
  • Patent self-cleaning DYE eye pipe which also has a ball detent
  • Sticky grips with branded trademark
  • Fusion bolt spool valve technology integrated
  • Precision Boro proto 1 piece barrel model

Without breaking the bank, it is capable of giving top niche performance. The Dye Rize is loaded with operations that are truly advantageous as per the cost. 3 piece hyper regulators are rarely given in any paintball gun at affordable prices, but in the respective model, you find the features inbuilt. The macroline hose is best for quick release of the paintball pellets.  The all-new model has the improved solenoid system and low 140 psi functional pressure.

Dye Precision Proto Rize

6.Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Marker Gun

Tippmann X7 Phenom Mechanical Paintball Marker Gun will appeal to the players who have a passion for paintball gun mechanism. The flexvalve performance is highly appreciating and gives the player to experience a new side of the technology. Here are few variables which are found in this model:

  • Virtual technology removes the use of recoil that is operational below 300 psi
  • It has an amazing efficiency that is compatible with the carbon dioxide or the compressed air paintball gun.
  • You can use the gun for personal game in the personalized battlefield.

Most people opt for an easy operational paintball gun with high range features at affordable costs. This model is the most suitable for the beginners and new shooters. With the gun, you will also get the hopper as shown in the image. You can use Co2 tank or the HPA with the electronic gun version also.

7.Empire Paintball Axe Marker

Empire paintball axe marker paintball gun is the one you must have for personal game fun. This is an easy maintenance operational gun which is enabled with the exclusive push-button bolt removal system. The 2016 model of the paintball gun is available online for sale in black and dust green color. The accessories and inbuilt items you get along with the empire paintball Axe Marker are-

  • Relay regulator
  • ASA with On and Off levers which helps in tank refill or removal
  • Protracted Grip Frame
  • For augmented comfort, there is a new grip provided
  • There are various firing modes given in the model such as PSP Ramping, Semi, NXL and Millennium Ramping

Those who are looking for the valuable paintball gun for fun and exciting shooting experience then this would be the most exquisite option. Currently, this model is available under $200 and its accessories are also available widely at the online stores. Nothing can beat the fun when there is Empire Paintball Axe Marker gun.

 8.Spyder MR100 Pro Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull Mega Set

Spyder MR100 Pro Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull Mega set is enabled with loaded features that are suitable for the beginners and young users. Without using the safety gears it is not advisable to use the Co2 integrated paintball tanks. Here are some of the exciting functional elements found in the respective paintball gun-

  • GXG XVSN mask and anti-Fog Lens as well as visor
  • Get 200 round black hopper
  • 3 Skull presents 20 ounce of Co2 tank which is empty during the shipment. It also has a pin valve for refilling function
  • The paintball deluxe harness is black in color total 7 in numbers
  • There are 6 total paintball tubes which are designed for 140 round heavy duty shooting experience
  • There is 1-ounce gold cup oil and an orange jerk squeegee of 21 inches

Hence, this is the semi-automatic paintball marker gun that is surely going to enhance the gaming experience in your life.

 9.Tippmann US Army Alpha Elite Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull Package Set (Black)

Tippmann US Army Alpha Black Elite M-FDP Paintball Gun is the high performance oriented gun which is having some immensely awesome features to go for it-

  • In this paintball gun, you will get a tanker with a pin valve that has 20 ounces of carbon dioxide gas
  • There is a branded 3Skull Folding foregrip
  • Total 6 heavy duty clear pods available and the red dot sight inbuilt accessory given
  • Face mask with the brand code of GXG XVSN, visor as well as Anti- Fog lens is provided
  • You can do 200 round hopper with this particular model
  • Total 7 harness offered in the black color
  • Pica tinny rail additional accessory

This is the deluxe package set which is elite in class and has a reliable featured operational life.  For safety measures you don’t have to buy accessories individually as the entire kit within $300 is fully loaded. This gun in particular is good for those who are willing to use it for strategy training purposes.

10.Empire Paintball Axe Marker

The real paintball gun game experience is now possible to achieve through the Empire Paintball Axe Marker. The push button technology enabled empire brand paintball gun is a unique choice of those who like to own rich in quality products. This is known as the Axe proven marker that is no doubt excellent in winning tournaments. Its real ASA power, levers, air flow and easy removal of the bottle are major benefits which are attracting the new buyers online.

For the smooth shooting functions and rock solid paintball gun experience, there should be more than two players. Buy 2 sets of empire Paintball Axe marker gun and embark your prints as the winner. However, its Co2 tank is not filled beforehand because during the shipment it may leak or sustain damages to the gun. The empty tank is given with the refill 20 ounce Co2 tank. It also has a pin valve that you can use either to fill the tank with carbon dioxide gas complete or partially.

Best Paintball Guns Under 200

When you search for a paintball fun online, a series of models and different accessories will flash around your eyes. However, paintball gun which is the most reliable, durable and easy to use is considered as the best and that particular model which falls under the cost of $200. Out of many, you can go for the Azodin Blitz 3 starter HPA paintball gun mega set which has everything included for safe and secure adventure paintball fun.

While it is easy to carry, its net weight is around 4 pounds. The maximum output it can provide is 140 rounds and have an anti-fog paintball mask included in the package that will allow you to have a safe target shooting experience. Hence, the gun is equipped with the 48/3000 compressed tanker and total 5 paintball harness which is responsible for making the shot most accurate once you pull the trigger.

  • Empire Paintball BT-4 Combat Marker, Black

Empire paintball BT-4 Combat Marker, black is the most lightweight and balanced constructed fun weapon. It has adjustable front grip in a vertical layout and it also has a stainless steel bottom line.

When you buy the empire paintball BT 4 model for fun game of paints then you actually get the impact resistant and baked on coating stability feature. 2 sided pica tinny mounting rails are provided which are designed according to the military standards of 1913.

The ultimate chine is built by the wood ball marker which has started the series of BT. It is a fully upgradeable and accurate marker gun that is going to be the final choice of yours. You can easily remove the front grip that gives handy feel as well as there are upgrades possible in the pica tinny rails. For a realistic experience of the paintball fun that you have ever gained in the adventure park is now possible to get at your own place without spending hundreds of dollars. Just invest one time and get the most durable gun at your place delivered.

  • D3FY Conquest Semi-Auto Paintball Marker Combo Kit

D3FY conquest semi-automatic paintball marker is the unique 0.68 Cal machinery which is designed for the purpose of target training and shooting.

  • Along with the paintball gun, in the kit you will also find a Gen-X USA manufactured goggles used for safety measures during the shooting sessions.
  • The total of 12-ounce carbon dioxide is used in the tank, but this is empty while shipping, you can refill with the pin valve attached to it after receiving the product at your doorstep.
  • In the combo kit, you will also receive a genuine quality plastic hopper and a barrel plug.

While there is a small kit of spare part and a user manual that will help in assembling the parts together to make a handful gun for the best paintball shooting experience. The price of the combo kit is quite affordable as per the other new models. Buy today and enjoy the most unique fun unlimited paintball gun sessions with your friends as opponents.

  • Empire BT Omega Marker

Empire BT Omega Marker is supports carbon dioxide and high-pressure air sources. It is made up of the rugged aluminum body and has a multi-position adjustable stock. You can upgrade this model to the empire BT electronic Grip Frame. You will also get the rip clip loader in compatible size and APEX barrel too with the omega marker paintball gun.

It is a redesigned Empire BT Omega Paintball marker that will take you to the battlefield for breathe taking experience. It requires a regular maintenance if it is in use or not. Grab this amazing gun with the compatible eye gear for safe paintball fun. Its lock and load system is smooth in functioning which will enhance your shooting accuracy to the most. The sight rail is operational in such a way that you keep hitting on your opponent without struggling with the loading mechanism.

  • US Army Alpha Elite Paintball Marker with E-Grip, Black

Are you searching for the fun game paintball gun which is elite in class and gives an authentic look of army weapon? Then here comes an ultimate choice of the year within the budget, US Army Alpha Elite Paintball Marker with E-Grip in black color. It is a realistic looking gun that has 4 electronic firing modes.  It is a semi-automatic gun that has a 3 shot burst feature and 2 full auto modes.

The gun is also featured with M-16 typical style collapsible stock carry handle, magazine, and shroud. Its inline bolt system gives a unique touch to the entire mechanism. 12 inches ported barrel provides high performance and the magazine offered in the gun kit is having double storage. The carry handle can be replaced with the scopes or sights. Its pica tinny rails are placed on the shroud for the tac- lightings and using other accessories.

  • Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun

Tippman Cronus tactical semi-automatic paintball gun is capable of generating 0.68 calibers. It comes in two color schemes i.e. black and olive. The in-line bolt design is proven to be successful and it is creating a high demand in the market. An internal gas line is provided for ease of use. The composite body of the paintball provides higher impact during the shooting. Its fixed fronts, as well as rear sight, are unique. Here are some more features included in the gun are listed below-

  • Integrated with the mock silencer and front sight
  • It has 6 position stock enabled with collapsible feature
  • It has 4 pica tinny rails and ported barrel for good performance

Keep in mind that you cannot play safely until and unless goggles with anti-fog and visor system is used. You can buy a compatible mask with eye gear form the similar online source at reasonable prices.

Buyer’s Guide- An Elaborate Study About the Types of paintball guns and their use

A paintball gun is a unique gadget type weapon that offers an ultimate fun environment. This is a kind of a sports game that is occupying the market for all age groups in terms of adventure games. In many fun parks, game setting and even adventure island theme parks; you may find a section dedicated to paintball sports. There is an entry fee you need to give in order to obtain the selective gun, number of tanks and certain duration of the fight. You choose either opponents form your end, or other players automatically become your opponent. This fun game involves a lot of mechanisms now. Here is a brief study in the buyer’s guide for you to create a better understanding before you go and buy a new paintball gun.

Factors to consider when choosing a paintball gun to purchase

Before you finally jump onto the online shopping site and pick some high range paintball guns which are looking extremely hefty in size, it is literally important to consider some facts-

  • Size of the gun– the most useful and an elegant size of the gun should be around 21 inches in length. For beginners, it is necessary to focus on sleek designs rather using heavy weight guns for learning. Once you are aware of the mechanism and have a good hand on it, then upgraded versions can be purchased from the same online source.
  • Combo kits- many paintball guns are accompanied with accessories, extra tanks, handle grips, barrel, and many other useful accessories. This is a very significant factor to consider because while playing with the paintball gun you must wear a head mask covering the whole neckline area so that you don’t inhale the Co2 in excessive amount. Goggles are another main component that should be added to the kit so that you don’t have to search fresh on the websites.
  • 68 calibers– this is the most accurate and demanded paintball gun mechanism accuracy caliber. .68 calibers is regarded as the high-performance mathematics that brings high impact, accuracy up to 98% and shoots with force at a vast distance.

The different types of paintball guns

In the current market, you will be able to find plenty of many options in a fraction of seconds if you have an elaborate knowledge of its types. Here are some different types of paintball gun literature to help you in selecting the most suitable one-

Stock gun– this is a kind of a paintball gun which you must have seen in the field areas. They are strongly used during the stock games. They are not very user-friendly guns because they cannot shoot 140 or 200 rounds at a time without loading again and again. In this type of gun, you have to fill the magazine again and again in order to shoot 10 times at least. Moreover, the hands should stay parallel to the chamber and it requires tilting a little for loading the paintballs.

One type of gun that you may see on the paintball field is the stock gun. These are mostly used during stock only games but can be used in other games as well. The reason why these guns are mostly used in stock only games is that of their inability to shoot the number of rounds that other guns can. For training and learning purposes it can be a good option, but if you have already experienced a lot of paintball sessions, then go for the semi-automatic mechanism oriented guns.

Semi-auto paintball gun– this is an extremely popular category that is not very expensive, but yes its entire kit may cost your above $500. Paintball guns which fall under the semi-automatic version are quite durable and have a capacity to shoot more than 100 rounds once the barrel is filled and loaded. For high-speed performance and fast pace play, you must consider semi-auto featured paintball gun over the stock type.

Electronic paintball gun– an electronic marker gun will have different fire modes and there is a computer chip. This is basically designed for the professional training purposes and must be purchased when the hands are strong enough and sustained nicely upon the above two mentioned types of paintball guns.  It is fully automatic and starts shooting balls once the mode is selected. It means that if you hold the trigger in action and point at the target, then the gun will not stop until you expel your hands form the trigger and stop the mode.

The electronic paintball gun or electronic marker has been dubbed the king of paintball guns. These have different fire modes controlled by computer chips. The different fire modes allow you to choose how many balls will be shot with one pull of the trigger. A few varieties of electronic guns are fully automatic.

Woodsball Vs Speedball

Speedball and woodsball are two major types of paintballs that are commonly played in the fields. Woodsball is mostly used in public fields’ games, parks and designed areas for paintball fun games. It can either be designed in a game parlor secured from the outside with soundproof technology or at home where hygiene and sanity is not a concern.

Speedball is a setup where the a paintball gun is used to hit the targets as many times as a person could in a minute. There is a setup created with an amazing ambiance. Bunkers, hurdles, military nets etc. are placed in the room which creates a unique atmosphere.

Urban settings– speedball is played under the themes and urban settings where you can personally climb in with friends and feel conditionally safe while playing; this is the type of an environment created in a large space so that the players could feel the real adventure of target and escape.

Realistic type– woodsball is the extremely different scenario for playing with paintball guns in the fields where vast space and ground style open area is conventionally provided. It is a kind of a realistic ambiance which gives the feel of indeed escapes and run chasing the opponent. In woodsball game plan, players wear camouflage type military outfits and real safety gears that look like a replica of military gears. Landmines are also used which are pretty safe but gives adventurous Goosebumps for sure.

Renting Vs Buying

Renting a paintball gun kit is beneficial to those who have developed a temporary set up and has no regular space to feel the excitement. Renting feature offers a combo kit in a reasonable price under which you will be getting a paintball gun, some filled Co2 tanks, accessories and even a dress. The cost of rent depends upon the range of the gun you are selecting and for a number of days you are taking away.

Please note that buying a kit will cost between $500 and $1000. Renting is quite expensive. Those who have a yard or an empty room can design it by investing for the one time and purchase the affordable mega sets of the semi-automatic paintball guns. The kits will be durable, you can even multiple times, can purchase the Co2 or air compressed tank, again and again, form the market at best prices. In comparison to the renting, buying is much more beneficial for those who are passionate about this sport.

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