Best Paintball Mask Reviews-Complete Buyers 2018

Paintball is one of the games that one can take up either as a sport or as a hobby though it is important to have the best paintball mask. It is an interesting game that can be played for a recreational purpose, competitive purpose or professionally.

As a game, there are some important aspects to consider before you venture into it for safety measures. Protecting your face is one important aspect of the game to prevent accidents from happening. Your eyes, mouth, and nose should always be protected.

The options available in the market for head protections are many and therefore settling for what is best for you is important. As a result of the many designs on the market, we have come up with a review of what is best for you, to help in making the right choice.

1.Dye Precision i4 Paintball Goggle System

It is a goggle system that offers a clearer vision than any other mask in the market; it also allows for easier movement, recognition of your target and gives a tactical advantage. The goggle system is coupled with a protective coat that will protect the lens on both sides from scratches and abrasions providing exceptional protection for your eyes.

It is far most the best paintball mask 2018; it comes with anti-fog thermal lens that helps protect against fogging on the lens. It also has an autonomic fitting option that allows for all face contours fitting. At the same time, it can allow for screaming without necessarily affecting your breathing, with precise angling especially when playing for long.

The design of the i4 paintball goggle makes it light enough to move and run around without having to worry about the weight on your head, making comfortable and a custom fitting feature woven on it. It is a good device to have especially for playing paintball.

2.V-Force Grill Thermal Paintball Mask

This is a design that has set a new trend with an intense look of a great attitude, it has an unmatched lightweight that is not only comfortable but allows one to fully focus on the game at hand. It has a button to make sure that you get to clear the lens and stay fresh in an instant. It features a low profile sunglasses that have 3D lens with an unrestricted vision.

It has a hard target design that will reduce the target zone that you want to lock, with a thermo cure for preventing fog and scratches while at the same having customized lenses that can adapt to any condition of light. The design also comes with a lightweight that does not restrict one from moving around, while protecting the forehead and face with a padded panel, protection against climatic conditions using the pro visor. The V-force grill thermal paintball mask is what a paintball enthusiast is looking for.

3.Empire e-flex goggle system

It is a system that features the E-vent and the JT prolix system into a more powerful goggle for paintball games, the empire E-flex goggle system comes with a quick change lens system that is proven and has the thermo earpiece for the mask making it not only effective but flexible. The foam offers a comfortable pad with a lens that clears fog in seconds and offers a great viewing angle. It is capable of offering comfortable breathing while still giving a great fit, while the voice projection remains good. It is very light, has a good face fit, with very superior optics and is the best in its category, it is actually unmatched. The Empire E-flex goggle system is the future of paintball goggle system, it’s a must have.

4.JT Flex 8 Full Coverage Goggle

It is a revolutionary exoskeleton that has been blended into the flex-8 goggle system with an integrated vent, which is good for deflection and also bounces. The JT Flex 8 full coverage goggle is entertainment goggle that has an essentially small target coverage compared to the previous version; it still has some acceptable outstanding vortex II fan, along with other accessories. The model has been designed to protect both ends of your head while still be able to be detachable, this particular feature is important as it is an added advantage making the design durable and comfortable. It is the choice of many players as it offers an all-around protection and comfortability.


It is a virtue contour thermal paintball goggle in every sense as it comes with improved vision, quick thermal change feature, it has a low profile making it quite a nice design, at the same time it can offer an easier breathing space, with ventilation and also enables one to talk easier while still being able to play without hiccups. The goggle has a large vision capability that enables clarity, with an anti-fogging feature. The virtue-contour-thermal paintball goggle has an anti-grease feature that will prevent scratching and fogging. It also has a hinge lock that allows one to lock the lens in place while playing. It is truly one of a kind design that is effective.

6. Profit goggle system

It is a great design that has taken quite a lot of time to test with thorough and rigorous tests to finally make it to the market; the profit goggle system is ready and offers a great comfort. It is a great combination of high thermal gradient lens with an outstanding frame, making it the most competitive goggle system in the market. With anti-fog and anti-scratch features, the profit goggle system stands out with high-end head protection and face mask. It also has a quick response release system that is effective especially while on the game, with an advanced double adjustable goggle system. This is sure to make headway in the market and will be a great addition to the paintball game. It is truly a good goggle system that is reliable and durable.

7. HK Army KLR Goggle system

This is a goggle system that is reliable, durable, the most comfortable, user-friendly that is available in the market, HK Army KLR Goggle system is an innovative, and customizable goggle with some intriguing features that make it simply outstanding. The design comes with an optical correct lens that is high definition with ultra-vision capabilities. While the face shield is molded for protection with earpieces mounted on them. It is a great goggle system that is a combination of thermoplastic blend that provides a good breathability while being able to offer protection on the face while it can still be customized to a customer’s desire. This is sure to turn heads with a great design and style.

Best Paintball Mask Buyers guide

Having the right information on where to buy the best masks is as important as the product itself, as a matter of fact there are many options available in the market and therefore the whole process will most definitely be determined solely by the kind of accessories that the masks will come with, the quality of the masks and the brand of the masks. With big brands investing heavily in the process of manufacturing with value additions to the next frontier. To make the right choice one will have to consider the following.

Paintball mask

Face masks are an important aspect that everyone should consider if they have an intention of playing paintball. They also come in various forms and style and to be able to make the right choice in getting a paintball mask one will have to consider some important aspects, like safety, comfortability, additional accessories and so on. It is never a big task as they range from just paintball mask to some cool masks available in the market. These masks come with added features that make it more secure and characteristics that will make it easy to play the game.

Tactical skull face masks.

These are designed for the games that are vigorous and especially for those who are not afraid to play hard. It is made of a specific material that is structurally capable of handling such environments; they are able to shield the users from harmful elements such as smoke, fog, teargas, and others. The shields allow one to breathe properly with spaces on the mouth and nose.

Paintball Helmet

The helmets are specifically designed to offer protection for head and face, allowing one to continue playing without worrying about head injuries. They are also important in making sure that the user has enough space and is comfortable wearing them; however, one is advised to make sure that the quality of the helmet is up to standard since they come in various ranges. The brand, design, and style often play an important role in getting users to buy. Having researched well in advance will inform the decision to be taken.


The most important aspect of looking for the best paintball mask is to make sure that one gets the best in terms of quality, the best thermal mask offering anti-fog, control of humidity and a great choice. A simple search will most certainly yield a lot of information that will be helpful which allows one to review what is in the market and settling on the best paintball masks. It will also be prudent to look at the cost while still keeping an eye on the experiences that some have gone through using some of the masks in the market. They come in different sizes and shapes and in some instances the manufacturers allow the customers to personalize their masks with unique free range offers. Therefore it is important to make the best choice one that is comfortable, affordable and the best quality in the market.

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