Best Rangefinder For Rifle Hunting Reviews 2018

There is no denying of the fact that men adore their toys. When it comes to playing golf or hunting, the coolest device which allows you to measure the far away objects and the distance is the best rangefinder.

Factors to consider when looking for the best rangefinder:

Rangefinders are extremely incredible equipment which can help you to determine the distance between you and your target. These handy devices are usually used in archery, hunting and golfing. A Guide to save your day by helping you find the best rangefinder is here. The pros and cons with the exclusive highlights of the best rangefinders currently present in the market 2018 to proffer you with minimal hassle and escalated benefits are here.

  • Characteristics: It is the most important point which evaluates the value for money factor. The jolt technology, ESP, and the display should be observed of the rangefinder to quench the thirst of the best equipment in this regard.
  • Range/ Distance: The rangefinders proffer a varying range of the distance. It is extremely mandatory for you to consider the maximum distance range of the device you are choosing to use. In today’s market, many rangefinders proffer the maximum distance range of about 1000 yards or 1500 yards.
  • Size and Weight: When you desire to play golf or hunt, you will have to carry the rangefinder for several hours. In this situation, you need to avoid the device which is complex, heavy and hectic. You need to choose a device with a compact size which would weigh less and easy to handle. Before making the purchase of this device, you should always check its size and weight according to your need.
  • Easy to Use: It is also an important factor which numerous people ignore when buying a rangefinder. You need to find a device which will give you best experience outdoors while using it with ease. For a professional, using a rangefinder is a piece of cake but if you are a rookie in this aspect then you should always consider this factor as your priority.
  • Magnification: If you did not select the best rangefinder, you might end up with a device which will give you poor quality of images even at high magnification. You should be a keen observer while purchasing it to see the targets clearly if you are a hunter and desire to shoot. The feature of magnification varies in different models so you need to consider the one with 6x magnification.
  • USGA Approved: It can be extremely useful even if you are using it for mere tour purpose. This factor will ensure you of it easy usage. By the passing time, this factor is considered very important while making the rangefinder to achieve better results.
  • Usage Capability: The rangefinders are actually of two types, one for the novice and another for the experienced ones. The users of this device are fewer for the factor of operating this equipment is a daunting task. There are some devices which are accurate but too hectic to operate therefore desire skilled hands for working. So, for the newbies, it is advised to purchase a simpler one.
  • Pricing: This factor is the key feature on which all the other factors depend. The ratio is equivalent to the better the device, the higher the price. The best rangefinder will have all the features you desire in it which will give you effective output with easy handling and the chargers of these facilities will also be high. If you do not want to spend a huge chunk on this equipment then a reasonable amount of rangefinders are also available.

For the people who are looking forward to buy the best rangefinder should read the following reviews to check as well as compare the varied aspects and features while picking the top quality rangefinder. These are recommended to you as they are exquisite and from trusted brands which specialize in manufacturing rangefinders.

Sig Sauer Kilo 2400 ABS

Want to buy the latest model of the rangefinder in the year 2018? Then the Slim, Stylish and Sleek Sig Sauer Kilo 2400 ABS is what you need. It is designed to proffer the best rangefinder features as it has a button which automatically gives a firing solution which saves a lot of your time. This device’s set has the product with manual, field case, and tripod adapter, a soft zipper case for keeping the gadget and the accessories in an organized and safer manner, wind meter, three batteries, lanyard and stylus.

  • It can store up to 4 profiles on this amazing device and around 100 in the App.
  • OLED display is available for you in which you can choose from the range of nine levels of brightness.
  • It gives the feature to adjust the velocity shift easily through the muzzle velocity temp table.
  • It gives fast, last as well as best target modes.
  1. Leupold RX-Full Draw 2

This alluring gadget is the love of all the archers, hunters and golfers due to its amazing facilities proffered. Its size is 4” x 1.3” x 2.5” which is compact and easy to handle rangefinder. The magnification of this exquisite rangefinder is about 6x and it displays range information through using black LCD Display. It is waterproof as well. The CR2 Batteries are effective and it even has a limited warranty period of 2 years.

  • The device is set automatically on a low bow mode through which the compensated distance towards the angle is about 175 yards.
  • It has a mode which is last priority mode that enables you to turn it on or off while practicing archery or even hunting.
  • The scanning feature is effective in ranging still targets or moving targets. It can be easily activated by just pressing the range button.
  1. 3. Sig Sauer 2200 MR

It qualifies to be in the list of best rangefinders due to its amazing features as it is the latest generation 7 x 25mm rangefinder with supreme laser monocular which gives excelling range performance. It has upgraded milling reticle, beam collimation through the tighter laser, you can perform ranging tasks from extreme distances.

  • The technology of HyperScanTM in the scan mode proffers 4 range updates a second.
  • The RangeLockTM lets you observe distant objects.
  • Can be used single-handedly due to its compact and easy handling because of its sleek design.
  • Advances OLED display is used in it which proffers smaller in size and much accurate aiming with the milling feature.
  • The anti-reflection coating of SpectraCoat gives optical clarity and effective light transmission.
  1. Leica Rangemaster 2000-B

The brand itself speaks for its excelling features as this company has always won the hearts of the archers, hunters, and golfers. The quality is supreme and proffers 12 pre-programmed ballistics curves. The body is specially made to last longer with the use of durable carbon- reinforced plastic. It comes with 2 years of warranty.

  • The magnification is up to x7 magnification.
  • The Red LED Display is used.
  • It can determine the range around 2000 yards.
  • It is waterproof to 3.2 water depth.
  • It is easy to carry and weighs just 6.4 oz. excluding the battery’s weight.
  • The diopter compression is ± 3.5 diopters.
  • The laser comes with EN and FDA Class 1 which is even safe on
  1. Nikon Monarch 7IVR

When it comes to rangefinders then a big trouble is the focus should be clear and not blur with effective and easy handling. The Nikon Monarch device resolves all these issues with the perfection in the clarity it proffers you. The great deal of comfort offered by it to you while handing is also basically a huge benefit.

  • You can easily pick out the non- reflective targets up to 799.9 yards.
  • The VR Technology gives great accuracy.
  • It is small in size and extremely durable.
  • It has quality glass
  • The device is waterproof
  • It has an active gyroscope inside the device.
  • It weighs 7 oz.
  • It is super compact 3.9” with 6x glass.
  • It has single CR2 Battery.
  • The angular distance differentiation proffered by its software is up to 89-degree
  1. Leupold RX-12001:

This device is considered as the best gadget as the best rangefinder due to its rifle range hunting features specially developed for eliminating all the hurdles. This brand has delivered the customers of what they promised by excelling features which gave numerous positive reviews from the time the product got launched.

  • This is a laser rangefinder which is embedded with supreme quality material and extreme precision.
  • The device has added benefits as it comes up with neck strap, carrying bag and batteries.
  • The HD display eliminates the problem that most of the users have i.e. of blur visibility.
  • You will get amazing results while using it and one of the best things about it is it lasts very long.
  • The $19.81 protection plan for about 4 years is also included in it.
  1. Vortex Ranger 1500

This exquisite device definitely falls under the best rangefinder category as it is easy to use with clear features which eliminate the basic hurdles of the hunters, the highly intuitive menu and the display is superb. It is capable of ranging up to 1500 yards.

  • The HCD mode display is super ideal for all the hunters and shooters as it gives angle compensated distance.
  • The scan feature of this handy device gives the perfect reading of the objects that you desire to target, moving or still both.
  • The optimal light transmission is delivered to you due to the fully coated lenses.
  • The tree brightness settings allow you to get the perfect and clear result.
  • It is very handy in nature, you can carry it in your pack and you can even hang it around your neck. The edge surface is flat which makes its access easy.
  • Magnifies up to 6x.
  1. Bushnell Elite 1 Mile CONX

If you desire to have the best rangefinder out there which has all the features you possibly desire in one unit, then Bushnell Elite 1 Mile CONX is what you need. It is a beast when it comes to finding distant objects with clarity and excelling features. It is not just some ordinary rangefinder, it has Bluetooth technology which can easily be connected to any Android or iOS platform of smartphone. This feature lets you load around 3 custom ballistic curves.

  • It can detect wind data and advanced environmental factors and will still give perfect shots.
  • It has a vivid display technology which consists of LED Screen for convenient readability in low light conditions.
  • It has 7x magnification. It has magnetic attachment system with a tripod stand which can help you in taking shots steadily.
  1. Bushnell The Truth:

The most effective function for which this amazing gadget is famous for is the fact that it will let you overcome the issue of visibility. The fabulous ultra HD display is super accurate and easy for you to solve the issue of accuracy too.  It has excelling rating of 4.5 from 5.0 due to the fact that 68% of the customers throughout the world have found it super effective and useful.

  • Stunning HD vision is guaranteed to you due to its optical quality.
  • 100% excelling quality materials are used to give efficiency.
  • You can trust this product to be long lasting due to its durability
  • The shots taken are always clear and accurate.
  • The maximum range of it is 850 yards and the minimum range is 7 yards.
  • A special feature in it allows you to focus on the horizontal area from 7 to 199 yards.
  1. Halo HT100

This device is all you need for range finding as it comes up with numerous excelling features. You can adjust the LED Light with the varied brightness levels up to 90 degrees. This feature allows you to focus the light at the right or desired place. It has adjustable headband which can be used by anyone as it can easily fit at any size.

  • This alluring device has motion sensor which can easily detect the target.
  • The LED has numerous advantages which you desire to adjust the lighting.
  • You can observe your target from a faraway place without attracting insects due to its Red LED as red is less noticeable.
  • The device is waterproof which can be used even at the rain shower.

People usually wonder what masses say. Overall all these devices come under the list of best rangefinders as they are worth it. While you start the discovery of the desired rangefinder, you need a device which proffers you with nose to nose view with the target object that gauges the exact distance. This equipment can improve the game a lot. The new and versatile models of rangefinders these days have become more accurate due to the benefits of technological sector. Choose wisely from the above list and start exploring your passion with your awesome range finding device.

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