Mental & Physical Training for Airsoft – Be a Better Player

Are you and your friends involved in an airsoft campaign and you feel like you're just not up to par? Have you been consistently getting trash-talked and always on the losing end of your games every time you play?

Improving Airsoft Skills & Strategy

Airsoft isn't an easy game to play. It involves a lot of different skills and just the right amount of luck. But with enough practice, you can sharpen your airsoft skills and start playing like an airsoft champion.

Airsoft "gurus" will pretend they know everything, but can they walk the talk? Chances are, you'll hear a lot of different techniques or training methodology that seemed too hard to follow. If you keep reading, you'll learn our favorite tips for practicing airsoft.

Here's how to become a better airsoft player by improving your skills mentally and physically. It doesn't have to be hard, learn the basics and keep practicing!

Training for Airsoft: Get Better by Mental Stimulation

Know Your Opponent

The first thing you need to do when you want to improve on your airsoft game is study your opponents. This might not be suitable if you play against random people. However, if you play with the same group of friends, this should be pretty easy.

Who are you playing against? Are your friends defense oriented or offense oriented? Where do they like to hide? Take a minute and think about how your opponents play their game and try to use it to your advantage.

Don't get hit. Improve your defense.

  • Campers - if you know you're playing against people who intend to hide and pick you off from a distance, get good at finding them first with proper defense.
  • Aggressive attackers - if your opponents are the offensive sort, get better at defense. They will eventually get hit by being too aggressive.

Learn the Terminology or the Language

To get really good at airsoft, you want to make sure you brush up on all of the terminologies. You're not going to be able to stay on top of your game if you're constantly confusing RIS and ROF?

War games tend to come with complicated terminology, and for the uninitiated, it might sound confusing. But if you spend some time getting to know the language, your airsoft skills will thank you for it.

Understand the Rules

Don't play if you do not understand the rules. Take time to review the guidelines and familiarize yourself with it. This will save you and your team trouble, and you'll be playing more with confidence.

Practice Team Play

For the most part, airsoft is a team sport. And you can't get good at playing with your team unless you practice with them as well. To really understand how each one of you works together, you have to get out on the field together to practice.

Everyone has their own strategy when it comes to any kind of game, whether it's traditional sports or video games. You need to know what your plan is and what role you want to play. Then you want to get very good at both of those specific things.

Choose a Role

The role you choose will depend on a lot of things, like your body type and your skill level. Riflemen are most common, and they're also the most versatile. But if this is your desired position, you want to make sure you're physically fit enough to deal with frequent, intense head-to-head experiences with players from the other team.

  • Snipers - on the other hand, stay mostly in one place. Typically, as a sniper, you'll be far away from the rest of the gameplay. If this is your position, you want to practice patience and camouflaging yourself with a ghillie suit.
  • Scout - you'll want to be smaller and have the stamina to run for long periods of time. There are a few other positions and roles you can play on the airsoft field, and they all have their own specific required strategy.

Similarly, you'll want to figure out whether you should play mostly defensive-oriented or offensive oriented. Once you've figured these out, you'll be able to practice according to your specific set of airsoft skills. As mentioned above, teams with the best defense always win.

Improve Critical Thinking

In the thick of battle, you're going to need to be good at thinking in a critical way. War games aren't always about shooting and rapid fire. Sometimes you have to outsmart your enemy.

Practice your critical thinking skills with puzzles and word games when you're not busy training your physical body. You'll be the better player for it.

Be a Better Airsoft Player: Train Physical Skills


During airsoft games, you're going to be moving a lot (except for snipers). You will also be carrying guns and equipment that may weigh you down. It's best if you take care of your physical fitness.

Basic Airsoft Workout Training

Perform each of the workout below at least three times per week:

  • Jog and sprint for endurance (added benefit if you jog in different terrains)
  • Stretch and swim for flexibility and better muscle control
  • Lift weights for strength (body weight training is also effective)


Speed isn't necessary for everyone who plays airsoft, but depending on your role, you're going to want to be speedy. An effective way to improve your speed is to practice with equipment that is heavier than your normal gear.

That way, when it's time to run, your body already knows how to work twice as hard to bring you to speed.

Pain Resistance

Here's the thing: it hurts to get shot in airsoft. It's not dangerous, provided no one is aiming for your soft, squishy parts. But there is a sting that comes along with it.

And as long as you're afraid of that sting, you're not going to be the bold, offensive player you or your team needs.

So build up your pain tolerance. In a controlled setting, get used to what it feels like to get hit with an airsoft pellet. That way, when it comes down to the wire, you're not second-guessing yourself out of fear of pain.

Learn your Surroundings

Before a weekend of airsoft, you're going to want to examine your terrain so you can practice accordingly. Where are you going to be able to hide? Where are the spots where people can pick you off easily?

In order to play your best airsoft, you have to know where you'll be playing so you can specialize and gear your practice towards those specific things.

Practice in Adversity (Terrain Simulation)

It's important to practice during the daytime when it's sunny and bright out. But, it's not always going to be like that when you're playing out on the airsoft field.

When it's raining and dark, take your gear and practice then too. You want to make sure that you're good in all settings because it will train you for those times and it will make you that much better when you're playing in perfect conditions.

  • 1
    Practice shooting and moving at night
  • 2
    Practice shooting and moving when it's raining or foggy
  • 3
    Practice shooting and moving when the sun is at peak

Lastly, get used to moving around different environmental setting or terrain such as the forest, an abandoned building, desert and a park.

Camouflage: Improve your Defense

Camouflage is another skill beneficial to some who play airsoft. If you're a sniper or if you're a defensive player, you should know how to properly hide yourself no matter what your surroundings are.

Figure out what terrain you'll be playing on and then get to work. There are loads of YouTube videos and how-to tutorials out there for you to read to teach you how to camouflage yourself no matter where you're hiding.

How to Become a Better Airsoft Shooter

Now that you know a bit about the basics of practicing airsoft and the importance of understanding your surroundings, let's take a minute to talk about how to hone the specific skills you'll need for airsoft. It is also important to understand how your weapon operates.

Improve Shooting Aim

Improving your aim is pretty simple: you have to practice over and over again. The best way to improve this skill is by doing something we've already mentioned: set up a target in your backyard and practice, practice, practice.

Aiming an airsoft gun is one of those things that you will only get better by doing. So get out there and do it.

Target Simulation

If you want to practice your airsoft skills outside of the field, you might run into trouble finding a place to do it. Going to a public place probably isn't the best idea, neighbors and police probably won't take kindly to the image, no matter how innocent what you're doing is.

Your background is probably the best place to do this if you've got one. You should set up some targets and practice your aim during the daytime when your neighbors won't mind.

  • 1
    Practice shooting moving targets
  • 2
    Practice shooting different objects (size, shade of color, eye-level distance)
  • 3
    Practice shooting while moving (offense + defense)

Airsoft Safety: Gear Up

Airsoft is a safe sport. However, you do still need to take actionable steps to make sure that you're keeping yourself safe and reducing your level of risk. It is important that your face, eyes, and any other body parts especially sensitive bits are properly protected because no matter what, getting hit hurts.

Choose the Right Gear

It's important to note that the equipment section wasn't at the top of this list. This was for a purpose! It doesn't matter how nice your gear is if you can't practice and get better as an airsoft player.

That said, when you've got the basics down, you need to have the right gear and accessories in order to succeed. That doesn't mean that you have to have the most top of the line gear! You do have to get used to the gear you have, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't splurge when you have the chance either.

Sharpen your Airsoft Skills

In order to be the best airsoft player you can be, you have to spend time sharpening your airsoft skills. Whether that means practicing your ability to camouflage or learning how to quickly find your enemy based on reasoning and wilderness survival, it is going to require practice.

One thing is for sure: if you put effort into your airsoft training and take it seriously, you'll be a player to contend with.

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